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MIQ released an App last year named Jamn to help musicians with chord progression and an easy way to learn music theory. All of this was inspired from a problem Johnny Quattro was having when he was invited on stage by a well-known musician and given an unfamiliar key to play. Johnny thought it must be a better way to help with this so he invented Jamn. Jamn will help you find chords in any key and help a person take their music to new dimensions.

Jamn can be used by a beginner, intermediate or advanced musician to help with music theory and make it easier to find chords and scales with ease. Once I downloaded the app and open it I couldn’t make heads or tails on how to use it. Jamn is not intuitive but don’t worry because the Jamn app comes with video tutorials to get you going. Once I looked at the videos included, Jamn became very simple to use. The whole concept is based around the wheel. Johnny Quattro philosophy is that instead of looking at music as linear, it’s better to visualize it as circular. Actually it makes sense because if you pick the C major scale, you can find other chords by clicking within the circle to find more chords that work within the same key.

This app is perfect for people like me that don’t have any classical training or knowledge on music theory. I’m a sample base musician and I mostly play by ear and this app has taken my production to a new level. The app can help Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele players. You can select which instrument you want to use or use all of them. Jamn also has in-app purchasing to add more functions to Jamn. You can add more advanced scales and hand positions for guitar. The app is Jam packed with features to keep an individual busy for some time to come.


This app is totally worth it. I actually got this app for free but it’s available for $1.99 at the App Store. Jamn app should cost more because it can help tremendously. The price for admission is a steal so grab it today.

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