InstaComposer 2 Is Out From W. A. Production

InstaComposer 2

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: W.A. Production is proud to announce the release of InstaComposer 2, an advanced AI MIDI Tool that takes the acclaimed InstaComposer MIDI creation station plug-in to new heights. InstaComposer 2 introduces a range of new features and enhancements designed to enhance the user experience and facilitate the creation of studio-quality music quickly and effortlessly. With an intuitive interface and powerful algorithms, InstaComposer 2 empowers both beginners and professional musicians to explore endless possibilities in music production, generating melodies, phrases, riffs, and chord progressions across various genres and styles. The latest version of InstaComposer features an expanded library of MIDI tracks and scenes, new scales and modes, improved generative coding, and enhanced performance. These updates ensure that users can unleash their creativity and focus on the artistic aspect of music production, without the need to compose every note manually. InstaComposer 2 is set to revolutionize music creation, starting from its launch on July 6th…

InstaComposer 2 is the ultimate solution for those moments when creativity runs dry. It serves as a musical muse, offering infinite inspiration to musicians and producers. Building upon the success of its predecessor, InstaComposer, which garnered widespread acclaim upon its original release in October 2021, InstaComposer 2 takes the concept to new heights with exciting features and improvements that enhance the user experience.

One of the highlights of InstaComposer 2 is the introduction of eight new scenes, labeled Scene 1 through Scene 8. These scenes provide a convenient way to organize ideas and song parts within a single preset, allowing users to store different variations and explore various musical possibilities. Additionally, the Scale support has been upgraded with 22 additional scales, spanning from Arabic and Spanish to Miyako Bushi and Ryukyu, among others. The inclusion of a new virtual keyboard and highlighted chord menus assists users in selecting scales and chords more easily.

InstaComposer 2 introduces new modes that further expand its capabilities. The Drums mode enables effortless generation of drum lines, offering support for various complexity levels, styles, and time signatures. The Pad 2 mode allows users to create a fuller and richer sound by combining Pad and Chord modes. These new modes, coupled with enhanced generative coding, result in more refined rhythm, phrase, and melody generation.

To provide users with even more control, InstaComposer 2 introduces new features like the Sustain parameter, which allows for the adjustment of note length in the generated music. The Chord Helper feature highlights the notes for the selected chord on the virtual keyboard, aiding users in their composition process. With adjustable AI controls and a Chaos control feature, users can maintain control over the development of their ideas and customize settings such as chord complexity, note population, pattern generation, and velocity randomization.

InstaComposer 2

InstaComposer 2 employs meticulously crafted algorithms and databases to produce musical ideas, going beyond random note generation. By mimicking human creativity and selecting notes that fit the given scale and context, InstaComposer 2 constructs rhythmic and melodic structures that sound natural. The AI-powered plug-in understands the human brain’s affinity for pattern recognition, creating captivating combinations of beats and bars that align with popular music standards.

Each new starting point with InstaComposer 2 generates a unique result, ensuring that users never run out of fresh ideas and possibilities. The plug-in breaks down music into smaller chunks that repeat or occur in various forms, building larger blocks that create a sense of unity throughout the composition. It harmonizes notes based on selected modes and settings, resulting in a cohesive musical composition.

InstaComposer 2 offers a user-friendly piano-roll interface that allows users to effortlessly manipulate, duplicate, remove, and change the velocity of notes, breathing life into their compositions. The onboard MIDI editor provides additional flexibility to tweak the output of InstaComposer 2 before exporting it as a MIDI file or dragging and dropping it into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). With the option to save each track separately and the ability to route MIDI from InstaComposer 2 to virtual instruments, users can preview all six tracks simultaneously within the plug-in environment.

With its advanced AI MIDI Tool capabilities, InstaComposer 2 includes complex algorithms for generating various musical elements such as Melody, Riff, Ostinato, Rhythm, Bass, Chord, and Pad. Each mode offers a unique approach to music generation, ensuring users are always uncovering new and compelling musical ideas. The inclusion of multiple scenes and tracks allows for greater flexibility and organization within a single preset.

In summary, W.A. Production has taken the concept of their popular plug-in and elevated it to new heights with InstaComposer 2. This advanced MIDI creation station is the go-to tool for musicians and producers,

providing a seamless and intuitive platform to unleash their creativity. With its powerful features, improved algorithms, and expanded capabilities, InstaComposer 2 revolutionizes music creation by offering endless possibilities and helping users overcome creative blocks. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, InstaComposer 2 is the ultimate companion for crafting unique and engaging music across genres and styles. Since its launch on July 6th, it has become an indispensable tool for musicians worldwide, empowering them to bring their musical visions to life effortlessly and with unparalleled quality.

Price $32.70 USD until August 17, 2023 — rising thereafter to its regular price of $109.00 USD

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