Improved Audified U73b Compressor

Audified u73b

Audified released the U73b Compressor last year and now its revamped with a new look and sonic ability. If you on the lookout for a cool compressor plugin, check the U73b. Read more below.

BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: software application developer Audified is proud to announce accessibility of the second-gen version of its U73b Compressor– with the ability of running as an AAX, vst2, and also vst3 plug-in on Mac (OS X 10.9 – 10.12) and also PC (Windows 7, 8, and also 10) and AU on Mac as an authentic emulation of the unique-sounding 60s-vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter hardware with which it shares its name (and which, in spite of its beginnings, found favour in European circles)– with soup up algorithms as well as a variety of other notable enhancements, since October 25 …

Audified’s all-new U73b Compressor noticeably attracts attention from its predecessor—released in honor back in 2015– from the get-go thanks to a gorgeous GUI that looks great on Retina-supporting displays … well, virtually! The GUI itself is effectively a game of 2 halves, comprising of a practically photo-realistic rendering of the hardware on which the plug-in is modelled and also an area to show numerically editable parameters or selection functions and settings that are not readily available through the ‘modelled component’– consisting of LOAD and STORE, HPF on/off (to switch off the high-pass filter setting– with about 100Hz cutoff frequency and also 6dB slope that assists to produce the one-of-a-kind sound of the U37b Compressor– when the bass roll-off could not be ideal for some tools when mixing or when the plug-in is being utilized for mastering), and also several even more advantages besides (such as selectable display color).

Colorful or otherwise, such improvements are more than just skin deep. Digging further still, Audified’s brand new U73b Compressor currently showcases true side-chaining to manage the compression through an independent signal (always available through the Side-chaining menu with Individual, Left, Right, Left+Right, as well as External setups); improved handling with included adjustable Oversampling (which, when switched on, enables the internal plug-in processing to go for a greater sample rate than is embeded in the DAW to help reduced aliasing distortion and also enhance high frequency processing); an automatic gain control alternative (Auto) with Ein (on) as well as Aus (off) settings; as well as -9 dB default Kalib. (calibration) setting with an added value mechanism– note that the software program version deals with genuine voltages that coincide as those discovered in the initial equipment circuitry (related to the dBu range), yet the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) works with dBFS (Decibels related to full scale) so individuals could (very carefully) established the calibration to function within the right operational variety of the compressor FX.

Price $149.00

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