Heritage Audio Baxandall Shelving SYMPH EQ

Heritage Audio - Symph EQ - Top Down


MADRID, SPAIN: Heritage Audio is excited to reveal the SYMPH EQ — made with more musical, surgical shelving precision as a single rack space-covering master bus-/mastering-aligned system taking its full (STEREO ASYMPTOTIC EQUALIZER) label from the shape attained by its shelving curves (where the boosted or cut volume surges until the asymptotic value is achieved, so sub lows and ultra highs are always contained), having triumphantly replaced the Baxandall shelving EQ topology to which the company turned for motivation with a functional carbon copy whose sound can only be described as steady, luscious, and logical — as of January 29..


Heritage Audio - Symph EQ - Back


SYMPH EQ smart circuit layout allows for a ultimate boost/cut of 10.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps; the main revolving switch sets 1 dB steps while the +0.5 button tot up half a dB to the main reading, while the CUT button transform the boost amount into cut. 6 frequency selections per band are accessible — 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 24 KHz on the high shelf, and 470, 360, 220, 110, 60, and 20 Hz with the low shelf.


Heritage Audio - Symph EQ - 2


Modern studio owners need to sincerely consider adding a SYMPH EQ to their EQ toolkit. Just like all analog signal processing products produced by Heritage Audio, it is the sound of the past — built for the future.

The SYMPH EQ is accessible via Heritage Audio’s expanding network of resellers (https://heritageaudio.net/where-to-buy-international/) with an SSP of €1,549.00 EUR (including VAT) in the EU and a MAP of $1,499.00 USD, US distribution being handled via RAD Distribution (http://www.raddist.com/heritage-audio.php).




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