FabFilter Pro-R Is Available Now

FabFilter Pro-R Is Available Now

fabfilter pro-r

The FabFilter just announced the availability of FabFilter Pro-R reverb plugin. I’m a big fan of FabFilter products and I’m sure the Pro-R is good. Read more below.

FabFilter is honored to reveal availability of FabFilter Pro-R, a premium reverb plug-in with musical controls and a really natural sound. FabFilter Pro-R is bursting with developments like the intuitive Space control that effortlessly switches between loads of room models with automatic decay time modification, as well as the industry-first Decay Rate EQ concept that introduces free modification of the decay time over the frequency spectrum.

A musical strategy

FabFilter Pro-R takes a music technique to reverb, offering easy to use, non-technical controls like Distance, Character and Stereo Width to modify the reverb sound. The stepless Space control allows the individual to fade between loads of different, carefully-tuned room models, and immediately selects a matching decay time for a natural-sounding result. Behind the scenes, each of these setups influences the internal algorithms in several means to provide exactly what was intended.

Shape the decay time

To mimic this, the industry-first Decay Rate EQ principle in FabFilter Pro-R supplies total free adjustment of the decay time over the frequency range. Since it uses parametric EQ bands instead of a conventional crossover system, it provides extra flexibility to shape the decay time qualities.

Price $199

Buy here.


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