Eisenberg Expands With EINKLANG Extended


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Now you can get Eisenberg’s whole synth package together called EINKLANG Extended. You can use colors to create sounds. Read more below.

ENKLANGBERLIN, GERMANY: audio company Eisenberg is glad to reveal availability of EINKLANG Extended– bundling its extraordinary EINKLANG software application synthesizer for Mac (OS 10.6 or greater) and PC (Windows XP or later) with its RED Tone Pack, ECO-FRIENDLY Tone Pack, and BLUE Tone Pack, plus the recently-released WHITE Tone Pack and BLACK Tone Pack, to include an entire new range of tone colors since March 20…

Eisenberg’s EINKLANG is a soft synth like no other. A dictionary specifies a synthesizer– rather simplistically as an electronic music instrument that generates a broad assortment of audios by creating and integrating signals of various frequencies. Whereas synthesizers commonly do this based on a rigorous set of technological criteria, EINKLANG resynthesizes sounds utilizing tool models based upon Eisenberg’s Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST), permitting it to understand the frameworks of tones and handle specific nuances of different tools so you don’t need to. Decreasing the pitch of a cello affects its tone differently to decreasing the pitch of a french horn, for instance much like their real-world counterparts. However, you could also detune a solitary string from a cello– detuning its overtones, which is literally difficult for monophonic one-dimensional resonators such as a single strand. Smart stuff!

Those instrument versions can be modified directly using the minimal TIMBRE, MODULATION, and LOUDNESS musical parameter groups– all of which have an effect on the sound more heavily than may first appear possible, many thanks to that highly effective AIST engine. Also, instrument designs are also changed perfectly from one sound to another making use of the MORPHING triangle with three ports for tone colours. Skillfully, EINKLANG is the very first synthesizer to present a strong synaesthetic web link between sound and shade with all GUI manages responding to MORPHING triangular relationships in matching colors much like white lighting manages to travel with the color spectrum in additive colour synthesis. Morph 3 tone shades together as one and everything is brightened in pure white. It’s all in einklang (arrangement). As a result, artists could focus on doing exactly what they do finest making music audios, without needing to first familiarise themselves with frustrating modern technology.


EINKLANG itself comes comprehensive with 150 tone shades for changing functions, varying from acoustic to man-made. By bundling it with RED Tone Pack, ECO-FRIENDLY Tone Pack, and BLUE Tone Pack, plus the recently-released costs WHITE Tone Pack and BLACK Tone Pack, Eisenberg has substantially prolonged its sonic reach so much so that it’s almost like playing a totally brand-new EINKLANG each time!

RED Tone Pack, GREEN Tone Pack, and BLUE Tone Pack properly belong with each other as they capably cover a 3rd of the typical tone colours between them: RED Tone Pack offers 120 synth/lead tone shades, featuring an assortment of classic synth basses and satisfying pads– efficiently change from an analogue-sounding tone to a shimmering-sounding pad to a screaming-sounding bass and uncover various brand-new noises in-between; ECO-FRIENDLY Tone Pack presents 120 acoustic/live tone colors, featuring pads, electrical and acoustic pianos, various body organs, synth and acoustic basses, brass, guitars, and vocal/choir audios– all of which can be morphed with each various other or various other tone colors; and BLUE Tone Pack proffers pads in profusion 120 drone/pad tone colours, to be exact, all of which create activity within themselves or any other tone colour that they are combined with. Whatever your personal choice, each supply a lot more MODULATION over time and a more powerful mechanics part as compared to the basic 150 tone colours included in EINKLANG alone.

WHITE Tone Pack and BLACK Tone Pack possess an even bigger variety of characteristics and intra-morphing, implying a tone could be a piano in the lower array and a marimba in the higher array or even a trumpet when played with even more characteristics, as an example. In developing both of these packs, Eisenberg evaluated a lot more material than was the case when creating their colourful siblings thus the costs appellation. WHITE Tone Pack places onward 120 energetic/uplifting premium tone colours, making much use of helpful splits, such as various basses in the lesser register and an option of tones such as body organs, electric pianos, and pads in the upper register, while BLACK Tone Pack introduces 120 dark/ambient tone shades, including lots of touch-sensitive basses, leads, pads, and body organs, as well as audios particularly created to include particular frequencies are top qualities to improve a set of two various other tone colours ‘stringify’ seems or spray a little ‘stardust’ over the leading, so-to-speak.

With significant savings compared with acquiring every little thing separately, definitely every person will certainly be in completely satisfied. EINKLANG Extended represents amazing worth. Quite simply, sound style paradise immediately waits for any person going to start into the absolutely revolutionary globe of AIST-assisted sound generation. Typically, exactly what takes loads of knobs to attain using conventional synthesizers could be finished with one in EINKLANG. Exactly exactly what’s not to such as? We make certain you’ll like what you listen to changing or otherwise!

Price $239.00 USD


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