Eiosis Updated AirEQ to 1.1


Eiosis just updated AirEQ to 1.1 with a bunch of bug fixes improvements and new features. If you haven’t taken the plunge to buy AirEQ, you might want to reconsider since Eiosis is adding more functions. Read more below.

AirEQ was developed with a vision of accomplishing musical, technological as well as sonic quality. Basic, fast and also user-friendly to make use of, AirEQ is a musical equalizer plugin at its best. The Water and Fire curves, as the Strength as well as Character parameters were readjusted off-the-cuff, so mixing engineers can concentrate on something – making songs sound fantastic.

AirEQ 1.1 Update

Today we are delighted to bring you a quite vital upgrade for AirEQ that contains new functions, bug repairs, and improvements! Steeper Filter Slopes We have actually included three added slope setups to the Low and also high Pass Filters; now you have 6, 12, 18, 24, as well as 36 dB/oct filters.


Steeper Filter Slopes

We’ve added 3 additional slope settings to the Low and high Pass Filters; now you have 6, 12, 18, 24, as well as 36 dB/oct filters. Click the Filter Slope button to pick the Filter Slope Range. Also, you can still switch over quickly between 2 slopes for very easy as well as fast comparisons!

Resonant 6dB Filters

The 6dB Low and high pass filters could now have resonance using the Q knob. Now, you have both the gentle slope and also the adaptability of a modifiable Q-Factor with AirEQ.

Contextual Help

By floating over any sort of knob, switch, or slider AirEQ will certainly display a list of key commands for that parameter in the left edge of the GUI below.

Brand New Keyboard Command for Band Solo & Frequency Finder

We’ve brought in a brand-new key command that will certainly permit you to utilize both the Frequency Finder and also Band Solo without switching settings. You can adjust your preferred Shift+Frequency actions using the menu in the toolbar.

Shift+Regularity will do your favored behavior, while Shift+Alt+Frequency will certainly carry out the opposite.

Price $149

Find out more here: http://www.eiosis.com/



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