Drum Broker Reveals Analog Bits

analog bits

The Drum Broker has been on the roll lately with Sample Kits. The newest addition is called Analog Bits and all the samples are 12 Bit giving a beat maker access to grudgy sounds that were popular in the late 80s and today. Download Now!

The Drum Broker is proud to reveal one more drum package showcasing never before heard drum samples in 3 rich analog flavors! We produced FIFTY examples from scratch and ran them through 3 traditional samplers & devices (Akai S3000XL, Akai S-950, & E-Mu SP1200). Analog bits highlights lots of analog colouring, little bit crushing, and crunch that could simply be duplicated making use of classic 12 & 16-Bit samplers and processing strategies. If you’re seeking something warm & unclean, these samples are excellent to make use of stand alone or for layering!

Do not rest on this set, its one of our finest today!


  • 150 Samples (50 Samples – Resampled 3 methods).
  • Analog, flavor, & grit from the E-Mu SP1200, Akai S-950, & Akai S3000XL.
  • Akai S-950 Variation resampled @ 9000, 10000, & 12500 HZ.
  • E-Mu SP1200 Version pitched around 45 RPM then tuned down for traditional SP1200 Shimmer & Artifacting.
  • Akai S3000XL models are cozy & slightly cleaner @ 16-Bit handling.
  • S-950 Model taped using Apogee Symphony I/O for converting, resampled through a JDI) a BAE (NEVE) 1073 Mic Pre/EQ with a little of saturation to include added flavor.

Price $14.99

Download Analog Bits



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