Sydney, NSW, Australia, August 21, 2023 – Colortone, the esteemed Australian artisan guitar pedal-maker, is excited to unveil a trio of enticing guitar pedal innovations. These new releases include the LO-FI DELAY, a transformative dub-style delay pedal with analog tape-like warmth and oscillation capabilities; the ROUNDHOUSE, a versatile multi-mode tremolo pedal with customizable modulation modes; and the SPRING REVERB II, an expressive vintage reverb engine boasting three iconic reverb recreations and adjustable modulation filters. Each of these meticulously handcrafted pedals is born from a passion for sonic excellence and designed within the creative haven of The Nest Creative Space in the heart of Sydney.

LoFi Delay

LO-FI DELAY: Expanding Rhythmic Expression

The LO-FI DELAY is more than just a pedal; it’s a rhythmic playground. With its grainy, analog tape-like sound, this pedal redefines delay possibilities. Featuring three distinct delay voicings, including HI-FI for pristine repeats and LO-FI modes for darker, tape-like textures, the LO-FI DELAY brings a unique charm to your sound. Its tempo-synced dual-channel design offers independent control over Regen and delay Time for each channel, while the SPLASH foot-switch enables spontaneous feedback and tempo changes. This pedal is a rhythmic storyteller, capable of adding dub-style accents, ambient delay, or wild feedback to your playing.


ROUNDHOUSE: Crafting Expressive Modulation

The ROUNDHOUSE pedal is a versatile modulation powerhouse that elevates your sound with its customizable modes. Whether you prefer classic tremolo, complex harmonic tones, or psychedelic rotary speaker-like effects, the ROUNDHOUSE delivers. Tap tempo and momentary speed multiplier controls allow you to shape your rhythm, while adjustable REVERB and GRAIN knobs add depth and character. With options like wave shape selection, modulation speed adjustment, and creative control over mix and phase, the ROUNDHOUSE becomes your sonic playground.

The Spring Reverb

SPRING REVERB II: Vintage Reverberation Rediscovered

The SPRING REVERB II offers a nostalgic journey through vintage reverberation. Its three recreations of classic reverbs – ECHOVERB, STUDIO, and TANK – capture iconic sonic signatures. The MOD knob introduces subtle vibrato and spatial effects, expanding the reverb’s dimensionality. Controls for decay, blend, and tone fine-tune your reverb, while extended tap functions provide even more layering options. From subtle reverb to expansive soundscapes, the SPRING REVERB II paints your sound with vintage elegance.

Crafted with Care and Sustainability in Mind

These groundbreaking pedals showcase Colortone’s commitment to both craftsmanship and sustainability. Designed within The Nest Creative Space, each pedal reflects a balance between timeless aesthetics and modern innovation. The use of regenerative etching processes and sustainable packaging underscores Colortone’s eco-conscious approach.

For further information and to explore these remarkable pedals, visit Colortone’s website

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