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Audified just announced the availability of mix referencing tool called MixChecker. MixChecker will save you trips to the car checking your mixes by using a plugin to transform you studio monitors into real world listening environments. Read more below.

MixCheckerGoing back and forth mixing mentality is a distant memory when it comes to MixChecker. Say goodbye to time wasted exporting mixes to smartphones or burning CDs to eavesdrop in car before getting back into the studio to fine-tune the mix just to need to repeat the tedious process time after time. As an altogether more hassle-free and also creative software solution, MixChecker can carry out a quick round of examinations in just seconds, enabling users to get on with the task in hand– making mixing corrections at a (key)stroke, still fresh from understanding what the problem in the mix really was!

Dealing with MixChecker is basic. Straightforward functions are separated into two areas: Simulation accesses acoustic environment of numerous customer tools and also traditional reference monitors– simply select the device you intend to examine the sound of your mix on by pushing a solitary button accurately classified when it comes to an instantly-recognisable symbol … indeed, cycling with these buttons produce a genuine review of how the mix should sound across a variety of practical real-world listening tools; not all studios can deliver a flat frequency response, nonetheless– use the Compensation control parameter … choose from 4 more clearly-labelled buttons to inform MixChecker that you are using average 5″ or 8″ sound speakers or earphones and pay attention to the resulting sound change appropriately (although premium studio monitors owners need to just select OFF). The BYPASS switch shuts off all handling, guaranteeing that the signal passes via MixChecker without being treated.

There you have it. Thanks to Audified for making the effort needed to gauge the frequency feedbacks and behaviour of all the readily available devices in laboratory conditions to produce mixes that are real and loyal, MixChecker makes mixing for the people plain and simple.

Price $149

Buy here.



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