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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: Modbap Modular by BeatPPL, a black-owned developer of Eurorack modular synthesizers and instruments made in America, is pleased to announce Transit — attentively packaged as a relatively simple, compact (6HP), dual-channel stereo audio mixer module for Eurorack with an all-analog signal path providing performable control over routing and mixing within smaller and larger modular system setups alike, and all without sacrificing flexible features with which to work.

Transit takes two stereo — dual mono — audio lanes with an all-analog signal path and embellishes each with its own input gain control (CH1 GAIN and CH2 GAIN), mute button (CH1 MUTE and CH2 MUTE), and ducking input (CH1 DUCK and CH2 DUCK), the latter operating like traditional side-chaining on a compressor, whereby an input signal, CV (Control Voltage), or trigger input — i.e. L Applying this well-known production technique to the ever-expanding world of Eurorack should appeal to audio experts, beat-makers, and artists who are already familiar with it from a range of music genres where an audio track activates an effect.

Transit also includes a 3.5mm headphone (PHONES) connector with its own volume control knob (PHONES GAIN), and a left and right stereo output (LEFT OUT and RIGHT OUT) with a corresponding MASTER volume knob.


Transit is as attractive as it is functional, with digitally controlled LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) for each stereo channel lane signaling level with white, blue, and pink illumination, while pressing the CH1 MUTE and/or CH2 MUTE buttons illuminates those LEDs in red. Meanwhile, the MASTER and PHONES levels have their own LEDs that use the same color scheme for level signaling.

Transit is a rather full-featured tiny (6HP) twin stereo channel lane Eurorack-formatted mixer that allows for easy signal mixing, gain staging, ducking, and performance-oriented mutes. It fits in a tiny Eurorack system just as well as one or more Transits would in a bigger system.

“The concept for Transit came about because our Per4mer quad performance FX unit sat nicely in one of our Modbap20 powered Eurorack pods,” says Corry Banks, creator and founder of Modbap Modular by BeatPPL. Indeed, it fit in nicely amid my tabletop synths, drum machines, and samplers in this configuration, but I felt that I needed a little more control over the signal into Per4mer — possibly a headphone port — and I definitely needed a master volume level control for live shows. As a result, designing a module to fill the empty 6HP adjacent to the Per4mer in the 20HP Modbap20 made perfect sense. Transit and Per4mer compliment each other perfectly, complementing the tabletop synth and beat-maker desktop.”

Transit also works well with Modbap Modular by BeatPPL’s sensational-sounding BI-FIDELITYTM WAVETABLE OSC (oscillator) module, Osiris — or any other Eurorack entry that might use a compact analogue dual-channel stereo ducking mixer, sub-mixer, or final output mixer. Making room for one or more Transits is definitely a good move that will provide Eurorack systems — big or little — with some genuinely flexible features that few small-format mixers can match.

Price $249.00 USD

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