If you’re a Waldorf Music fan like me, you should be excited to know a new synth called Kyra will be released sometime during the January 2019 NAMM Show. All I got is this one image and retail price. Read more below.

REMAGEN, GERMANY: hot on the heels of having actually turned heads and opened ears with its ingenious flagship, Quantum, a classy hybrid synthesizer showcased to extensive crucial recognition at The 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California earlier this year, high-quality synthesizer designer Waldorf Music is proud to announce a complete production launch and general availability of Kyra– the world’s first completely FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) powered synthesizer featuring 128 voices (regardless of settings and effects), each with 10 oscillators per voice, and eight-part multitimbrality (with each part having its own devoted nine-module effects unit)– at The 2019 NAMM Show, January 24-27, in Anaheim, California …

As an incredibly effective VA (Virtual Analogue) synthesizer literally like nothing else out there– thanks to leveraging the most recent FPGA innovation to substantially exceed legacy DSP (Digital Signal Processing) powered competitors, Kyra’s crowning glory comes thanks to its advanced audio quality: think 32x oversampled hardware with dual wavetables offering over 4,000 waveshapes! With 10 oscillators– that can be doubled to 20 using 2 voices– each offering a vast array of functions, consisting of true stereo operation, hard sync, FM (Frequency Modulation), and ring modulation, Kyra starts shaping up as a major sonic force to be considered … without even factoring filtering into a currently seriously impressive-sounding instrument! Certainly, Kyra’s resonant filters are precise oversampled emulations of timeless analog ladder filters with 2- and 4-pole configurations (offering -12 dB/oct and -24 dB/oct of magnitude decline, respectively). Stating that, two connected or independent filters can be utilized in Dual Voice mode, making for a much more innovative alternative. On top of that, there are three envelope generators, three stereo LFOs with 64 shapes and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) clock sync, an arpeggiator, full keyboard micro-tuning, and real polyphonic portamento, along with an extensive 18-channel modulation matrix to Kyra’s notable name.

Also, Kyra comes highly specified for effects, each of its eight parts including a three-band EQ with sweepable mid, dual tube limiters, formant filter, distortion, six-stage phaser, stereo digital delay, comb/flanger/chorus/ doubler system, and a programmable reverb. All effects systems on all parts can be utilized simultaneously and perform at Kyra’s native 96kHz sample rate.

Price €1,899.00 Kyra is initially scheduled for full production launch at The 2019 NAMM Show, January 24-27 2019, in Anaheim, California

Find out more here.


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