Campfire Audio IEMs Satsuma & Honeydew Out Now


There has never been a better time for music creators to express themselves — whether composing at home, in the studio, or on the stage. The tools available have become increasingly powerful, sophisticated, and scalable — yet, how we perceive sound is utterly dependent on the quality of our listening devices. Today, Campfire Audio — a recognized leader in the world of hand-crafted, premium earphones — announces Satsuma and Honeydew, new IEMs designed to deliver a transcendent audio experience for music creators.

Satsuma and Honeydew, priced at $199 and $249 respectively, enable musicians and performers to experience an accurate, detailed soundstage in an elegant, hand-crafted design. While both models feature Campfire Audio’s 3D printed acoustic chamber design to precisely control acoustic frequency response, each model is designed to excel in certain applications. Satsuma, with its natural and balanced sound signature, excels in guitar, keyboard, and vocal applications while its cousin Honeydew features a bass-forward frequency response that is perhaps best suited for electronic music applications, DJs, drummers, and bassists.

Both models feature innovative material selection, eye-catching colors, high-quality cabling, and incredible reliability — making them the perfect companion for creating music in the studio, performing at gigs, or for listening to music in exquisite detail while on the go, in your everyday carry. The overall product presentation — from the sophisticated yet simple packaging, all the way to the colorful, soft-lined pouch and a generous selection of tips to match any size ear — speaks to Campfire Audio’s commitment to the customer experience.


Satsuma: accurate and natural translation
The ‘orange fizz’ colored Satsuma features a similar aesthetic presentation to Campfire Audio’s higher-end range of products, characterized by the company’s patent-pending 3D printed acoustic chamber design. This chamber helps to optimize the frequency response curve of the unit’s full-range balanced armature driver. Sonically, Satsuma is characterized by highly focused mid-band frequencies, tightly controlled bass response, and enhanced highs — without the harshness. Its natural, clear, and balanced sound makes it the perfect IEM for guitars, keyboards, and vocals — but an equally trusted companion for comfortable listening while on the go.

“The clarity and spatial accuracy of Satsuma makes it ideal both as a studio monitor or as an everyday listening device,” commented Caleb Rosenau, Vice President of Campfire Audio. “Both Satsuma and Honeydew feature design elements and acoustic features that are derived from the same DNA as our more expensive premium models. So whether you need them in a critical listening application in the studio or on stage, or if you just want highly detailed audio performance in your everyday carry, these models have you covered.”


Honeydew: bountiful bass, high octane performance
The ‘mellow yellow’ colored Honeydew — which also features Campfire Audio’s patented 3D printed acoustic chamber — was designed for electronic musicians, DJs, drummers, and bassists who crave seamless translation and representation of the lower frequency spectrum, which is a critical element in these musical genres. With a custom-built 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver, Honeydew’s sonic performance is characterized by reference level bass response and a fast and detailed response. For music creators and listeners who crave punchy and highly detailed bass — this means an expansive soundstage that is both clear and detailed.

“Our all-new ABS body style design meets the demands of the professional musician,” said Rosenau. “It provides a lightweight, protective enclosure for Honeydew. Further, the unmistakable colors and an unmatched combination of weight and strength of ABS make it the perfect selection for demanding conditions. Easy to spot and hard to break means you’ll have your earphone working and within reach more often.”

Both Satsuma and Honeydew — priced at $199 and 249 USD respectively — are available now at the Campfire Audio web shop and through its network of authorized dealers around the world. For more information or for detailed specifications, please visit the Campfire Audio site.



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