MiniBrute SE

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Arturia just revealed to the masses MiniBrute SE with a new look and new features to make you notice. If you thought the first Minibrute was great, give the new MiniBrute SE a look. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software program and hardware business Arturia is honored to launch MiniBrute SE– a ‘special version’ of its incredible analog monosynth the same level excellence– at Musikmesse 2014, March 12-15 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Arturia’s MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer established the musical instrument globe promptly upon its introduction in 2012. MiniBrute SE shares the same bodily footprint as the original MiniBrute, yet develops after this incredibly small and bijou analog monosynth in both attributes and appearances.

Although a strong and elegant cleaned aluminium casing with wood sides surely make MiniBrute SE stand apart from the analog crowd. Skin-deep good looks are not the be and finish all here, nevertheless, as added capability runs further still. A brand new step SEQUENCER elegantly broadens playing options with the MiniBrute SE– 6 Pattern series with around 64 actions each to make numerous musical expressions, to be exact. It is qualified of so much more compared to merely repeating the same Pattern series. Individuals could develop new musical phrases from alreadying existing ones by changing the playback Mode, Gate Len (timing), and Swing setups in realtime from the front panel– best for motivating new musical concepts and creating interesting live performances on the fly.

MiniBrute SE is proof positive that the initial MiniBrute was no fly-by-night success story. A pure analog signal road and appealing features like a multi-wave OSCILLATOR and Sub Osc integrated with a huge-sounding Steiner-Parker multimode FILTER (fittingly changed by Nyle Steiner himself) and with new abilities confirm that MiniBrute SE continues to innovate while rejuvenating recordings and phase performances. Also, add awesome attributes like Ultrasaw (generating shimmering sawtooth waveforms), Metalizer (including extreme triangle waveform-induced harmonics), LFO (with sample and hold), and complete USB/MIDI/CV connection into the music mix, and just what have you got? A killer-sounding, pattern sequencing-capable synth with looks to die for.

Created for the analog purist with an imaginative spirit in thoughts, MiniBrute SE successfully squeezes an impressive amount of imaginative options into its attractive, incredibly portable style. The truly hands-on creative appeal of subtractive synthesis and supreme action sequencing are alive and kicking right here!

Stand out from the analog group and make that silver desire a fact real quick with MiniBrute SE. No requirement for a reality check!

Price $599.00 USD

Arturia MiniBrute SE will hit the streets at the end of May 2014

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