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Arturia is back with a new synth app for iPad called iProphet. iProphet is a emulation of the Sequential’s Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer from the 80s. Arturia makes great plugins and apps so grab this from Apple’s app store. Stay tuned. Read more below.

ArturiaGRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware business Arturia is glad to reveal accessibility of iProphet– a genuine emulation of the 80s-vintage, California-created classic Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer, Sequential’s very first digital design (as well as, the final synth, regretfully, from the well-known innovative instrument supplier) for Apple’s preferred iPad platform– since September 30…

Arturia is dramatically bringing back to life Sequential’s somewhat user friendly Prophet VS Digital Synthesizer swansong in an even simpler as well as convenient and economical iProphet app for Apple’s prominent iPad platform, we should initially turn back the pages of record for a little session in digital synthesis formulations.


After its 1986 launch at a time when synth makers anywhere were relocating far from typical analog layouts for creating all manner of unusual and also fantastic synthesis strategies, the trailblazing Prophet VS Digital Synthesizer signaled a major turning point in synth record as an alternate method of fast sound development. Californian developer Sequential Circuits had already discovered fame as well as a ton of money with its renowned Prophet 5– the globe’s initial programmable polyphonic synth– while company creator and also mentor Dave Smith was the key driving force behind MIDI (Music Instrument Digital User interface) — he created the acronym. Actually, MIDI was the way to communicate to different difficult-to-understand digital designs being bandied regarding at the time by numerous competing European outsiders and Asian titans– FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis from Yamaha market- dominating DX line, PPG’s funky forays right into wavetable synthesis, Casio’s shrewd Phase Distortion, and also LA (Linear Arithmetic) synthesis from Roland, to call a number of considerable examples. Sequential responded in kind when worker Chris Meyer made some revealing exclusive investigations into how PPG was achieving its distinctive-sounding wavetable scanning as well as concluded that two-dimensional crossfading would certainly function far better than the upmarket German competitor’s one-dimensional method, and Vector Synthesis consequently showed up as Sequential’s saving grace– as expected on paper at the very least– featuring 4 oscillators per voice, no less than 96 factory-preset waveforms, 32 user-definable waveshape areas, plus, obviously, its masterpiece … joystick- driven dynamic waveform crossfading. For the initial time, customers could pick four waveforms, assign them to 4 oscillators, relocate the joystick around, as well as conserve the resulting activities to create hitherto unheard audios nearly promptly!


As it occurred, nevertheless, the Prophet VS Digital Synthesizer did not show to be the stroke of genius that Sequential were wishing for, after all. Innovation alone clearly did not save the financially-stressed Sequential from biting the dust, as well as, the extraordinary- sounding Prophet VS Digital Synthesizer quickly vanished into the record of past history (having actually initially made it into the hands of a preferred many, beautifying pioneering electronic music recordings from a number of impressive synth superstars.

With iProphet’s intro, today Arturia has actually strongly brought those transcendent Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer sounds back to life on a wider-reaching scale compared to ever before by bringing an entire new pallet of tones to the iPad that have actually never heard on this popular system before. By authentically replicating the still-sought-after sound of the Prophet VS using the TAE (True Analog Emulation) engine from Arturia’s award-winning Prophet V soft synth for Mac and also Windows, Arturia has successfully breathed new life into this slim on the ground yet heavenly hardware synth, resolutely overhauling the interface right into something that makes much more musical sense than before.

Price $9.99 USD
bundled with iMini — Price $17.00 USD

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