Arturia Reduces Price on MiniBrute


Today might be a good time to buy a Arturia MiniBrute if you don’t already have one. Arturia reduced the price on the Minibrute for limited time. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music instrument software and equipment designer Arturia is pleased to commemorate the now-classic MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer– an astonishingly small analog monosynth (USB, MIDI and, with each other with a host of cool functions)– with an appropriately-baptized ‘Ruthless Deal’ offering dropping $150.00 USD discount for a limited time beginning on May 4th …

A few months after being let loose on an innocent synth world back in 2012, Arturia’s awesome compact MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer effectively took the synth globe by storm, swiftly resetting the price/performance standard to seriously soar through the subtractive synthesis . Setting the stage on exactly what an analog monosynth could (as well as ought to) be in the modern-day musical age, awards aplenty and sales success quickly came calling as MiniBrute quickly developed itself as Arturia’s standard, bringing the heat to the competition in the effective procedure as rival suppliers adhered to the trendsetting company’s lead. Now, an additional analog renaissance was quickly becoming apparent. Just this time around it was time for new designs to lead over classic synths.

What made MiniBrute so unique then as well as continues to do so today– so a lot so that fanatical as well as heavily-occupied online neighborhoods have grown around this ever-popular product on Facebook ( as well as SoundCloud ( With a awesome-sounding One Hundred Percent analog sound signal path plays a big part in this progressing appeal. It includes an OSCILLATOR MIXER (with sawtooth, triangle, square, Sub Osc, white noise, and also Sound In) and also a classic Steiner-Parker multimode FILTER (with BP, LP, HP, and also Ntch settings)– as authorized by Nyle Steiner, innovator of the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) and also EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument)– that helps set its sound apart from those similar-sounding rivals. Genuine analog technologies consist of a Metalizer control (to bring in complex harmonics to the triangle waveform), Ultrasaw Amt as well as Ultrasaw Rate commands (to add a lively as well as bright ensemble result to the sawtooth waveform), and a Brute FactorTM command (to add anything from subtle overdrive to wreaking full-blown intermodulation chaos). It is flexible functions such as these that make certain MiniBrute makes its very own musical mark together with analogue monosynths regarded worthwhile of famous condition, such as the long-since-discontinued MinimoogTM, Roland SH-101, as well as Sequential Circuits Pro-One, along with the ARP Odyssey and also Korg MS-20 (and also their recent reboots).

Now, the essential MiniBrute could be bought for just $399.00 USD, thanks to Arturia’s attractive ‘Ruthless Offer’– supplying an time-limited $150.00 USD marked down promotional rates running between May 4 as well as June 30, 2015.

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