Arturia Matrix-12 V

Arturia Matrix-12 V

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Arturia has been on a roll lately with the announcement of their new analog synth emulation called Matrix-12 V. Matrix-12 V is an emulation of the Oberheim Matrix-12 analog synth from the 80s. Read more below..

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software application and also equipment firm Arturia is pleased to reveal accessibility of Matrix-12 V– returning to its origins by rejuvenating the timeless sound of Oberheim’s mighty Matrix-12 analogue polysynth as an authentic-sounding mind-blowing soft synth, albeit one on anabolic steroids, boosted by modulation and FX in abundance– since December 5 …

Arturia Matrix-12 V

Matrix-12 V successfully replicates all the initial criteria of Oberheim’s extensive (and expensive) magnificent Matrix-12 analogue polysynth. Possibly the crowning magnificence of famous Californian synth developer Tom Oberheim’s namesake Californian company, the Modulation Matrix that produced this cutting-edge tool’s significant name was a revelation at the time of its 1985 launch. Why? Well, it successfully allowed flexible routing to different impressive modular systems that preceded it in years gone by, yet buried its ‘patch chords’ behind the large vista of a futuristic-looking frontal for accessing several menu pages with few hands-on commands. Little marvel, then, that top-tier synthesists such as English synth pop pioneer Vince Clarke as well as German digital trendsetters Tangerine Desire were among its early adopters, brought in to the 15 filter types as well as nearly unlimited modulation probabilities– cutting-edge also by today’s specifications– and also, naturally, Oberheim’s hallmark thick as well as warm sound that was thicker compared to before thanks to 12 truly-independent analogue voices with two oscillators each.

Arturia Matrix-12 V

Arturia’s acclaimed TAE (True Analogue Emulation) engine makes it possible for Matrix-12 V to deftly deliver all and more to today’s computer-based music-making masses for a portion of the expense of its substantial hardware name. New aliasing-free formulas permitted the different waveforms of the original Oberheim Matrix-12’s 2 oscillators to be accurately modelled as well as recreated for starters. Meanwhile, the MAIN (LAG, FM, VCO 1, VCO 2, FILTER, TRACK, LFO, RAMPS, MODULATION PAGE and ENV) parts all showcase committed criterion controls– unlike the original Oberheim Matrix-12, which was not necessarily an ideal tool. Without a doubt, all Matrix-12 V parameters can be regulated via MIDI, allowing automation within a DAW or manually with a keyboard controller.

Price $169

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