Akai MPC Software 1.4 Missing VST Help

MPC Software 1.4

Akai released MPC Software 1.4 update for the masses this week but the net has been flooded with users complaining of problems with missing VSTs after install. If you have a computer running 64 bit, you will run into this problem of missing plug-ins. If your OS is 64bit the MPC software will automatically be setup to launch as 64bit. 32bit plug-ins can’t run under 64bit and vice versa so that’s why plug-ins are missing. Some plug-ins out there is 32bit and few companies have updated their plug-ins for both 32bit and 64bit. If your Operating System is 32bit than MPC software will be setup to launch 32bit only. Mac users Operating Systems are 32bit and 64bit so more than likely the MPC software will be setup to 64bit by default. A Mac user can change the MPC Software to load 32bit so those 32bit plug-ins can be accessible.

mpc software 1.4

I felt compelled to write this since so many were running into this problem after the MPC Software 1.4 update. One concept users will have to accept is that 64bit and 32bit plug-ins cannot share the same space for the time being. If you want to use MPC Software in 64bit, you will need 64bit plug-ins but if you don’t care about 64bit or don’t have them than run MPC Software as 32bit. There is plenty of information out on the net about 32bit and 64bit Operating Systems. You should go out and educate yourself on it to understand where I’m coming from. The MPC Software is not plug_and_play as many would like and some will have to do lite troubleshooting to get positive results. Many MPC users just want to make beats and not troubleshoot constantly so Akai really need to think before they start releasing updates. For starters, Akai should warn their users before install in order to eliminate confusion.

One of the techs named J Sandeen at Akai posted info about “How to Run 64 and 32 Bit Versions, and Accessing 3rd Party Plugins” after installing MPC Software 1.4 and I suggest you go read it.

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