Yaybahar meets Elektrons SONIC BOOM BAP

Yaybahar meets Elektrons


Check this cool jam session between the Yaybahar and Elektrons. The Yaybahar was invented by Görkem Şen and this instrument sounds unique and looks weird. Read more below.

Swedish equipment manufacturer Elektron unveils music cooperation with Görkem Şen, inventor of the acoustic tool Yaybahar. Elektron Jam Session 7: Yaybahar meets Elektrons is an audio quest into the unknown. Video now available on YouTube.

Seldom does an entirely new acoustic instrument get as identified as the Yaybahar. Simple days after being published online, the video clip showcasing musician/inventor Görkem Şen playing his creation had actually been viewed by essentially millions of audiences. There’s a factor for this degree of popularity. The Yaybahar seems like absolutely nothing else. Strange and also majestic. One part string tool, part apocalyptic dream generator.

When the Yaybahar is teamed up with Elektron machines 2 extremely comparable worlds meet. One acoustic, one electronic – both of the progressive kind. The essence coincides, simply the means are various. As well as the result resists classification.

Görkem Şen Interview: http://www.elektronauts.com/talk/view/70

Yaybahar: http://yaybahar.com/

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