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Beatnick Dee – Traveling

Beatnick Dee Traveling

Beatnick Dee just drop a song that was laying around in the bin made between 2011-2013. I had the opportunity to interview Beatnick Dee two years ago because I was a happy customer of his record digging operation. Check out his eBay page. He’s a interesting guy plus he makes ill beats. Beatnick Dee has been working with Cashus King (Co$$) for a few years now so this new but old song should be a treat. Read more below.

Producer Beatnick Dee drops his first in a collection of remaining, unreleased songs made between 2011-2013.

Beatnick Dee – Traveling – Featuring Cashus King (aka Co$$)

Beatnick Dee

This was the first beat without samples I made that I actually liked. I produced it in 2011 just prior to relocating from the UK to LA, as well as it was one of the first song we recorded with each other at the studio in 2012. I ‘d been exploring a bit and also was really happy with the end result. Uptempo, yet with emotional groove of the spacey synths. Cashus King and I have been working since 2009 and also we remain to have excellent music chemistry. He’s a skilled emcee, with whom I’ll continue to deal with. Whole lots more ahead from us.



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