Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio 1.4 Spoiler Alert SONIC BOOM BAP

Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio 1.4 Spoiler Alert

mpc renaissance 1.4

Akai will be unveiling at Musikmesse tomorrow possibly the 1.4 update for the MPC Renaissance and Studio. Hopefully this update will fix some of the bugs that are currently in 1.3.1. So far, I like the current version but there are a few bugs that need tackling. One thing I notice from the last update to 1.3.1, my older projects load fine but when I attempt to save them, the program crashes. Hopefully 1.4 resolves that. In the meantime, I will export my beats into my daw before I update to new version. I must commend Dan Gil for his commitment to Akai MPC series. He and his team are staying aggressive releasing updates for the Ren and Studio. In my upcoming review I will touch upon many features I love about the Renaissance. Stay tune for the review.


Akai is starting to get the Ren and Studio right so I think other companies better recognize the potential of this product. This Hybrid MPC is pulling off something Video Game Console manufacturers can’t get right, compatibility. Most of your legacy MPC’s Programs will load into this thing. Some may have come close but I think Dan and his team may have some achievements to feel good about. I Wish I was in Frankfurt Germany for Musikmesse tomorrow. By the way, Akai has not officially announced the 1.4 update. Most of this post is speculation but from what I’m reading on the Akai Facebook Page, it looks like a possibility.


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