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ZOAR has a new desk available called YESK. YESK is a small compact desk for someone with a small studio. Read more below.

Welcome to the wild frontier? Bantering apart, YESK truly represents something completely cool, though those edgy producer/musician-types could have a variety of smaller sized equipment as well as cabling that they are looking to nicely fit in one space-saving area. Look no further; for anybody with an eye for advanced layout will surely appreciate the finish and also minimalistic style — not the very least its carefully-crafted, curvy solid-wooden frame, brushed with copper bristles and tinted with an unique dual-color surface that looks more like metal than timber.


Flawlessly placed at an elevation of 950mm, the 1500mm-wide top-level panel is best for studio as well as computer screens, while the further deepness, 1500mm-wide workstation panel placed more onward at an elevation of 793mm can pleasantly accommodate the variety of smaller sized hardware that the modern producer/ musician prefers to have within simple grasp. Retractable keyboard trays are necessary in this day and age, and, again, YESK properly supplies, with comfy leg room of 610mm, extendable up to 300mm in the direction of the user for more versatility.

Price €640.00

Find out more here.

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