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If you’re looking for a desk check out ZAOR Maestro Series. ZOAR Studio Furniture makes the best studio desk around. Read more below.

ORADEA, ROMANIA: studio furniture developer and also supplier ZAOR Studio Furniture is proud to announce accessibility of its Maestro series– symbolizing a new line of workflow-focused desk advancements– since January 14 …

A Maestro is commonly specified as a prominent conductor or performer of classical music– or, conversely, a recognized figure in any ball. So, considered that ZAOR Studio Furniture’s most recent line of desk styles were created in close collaboration with several of the most effective mastering/mixing specialists about, in addition to manufacturers of some of the most effective mastering gear readily available anywhere, such as award-winning audio gear programmer SPL, the Master moniker is, certainly, very suitable. The new item line’s several features were meticulously chosen to suit.

maestro 36

Starting with the larger Maestro 36, all aspects of its desired process were extensively analyzed with brand-new or enhanced services carried out for each as a direct outcome. Truth dictates that mastering Genius will develop its key– though not necessarily unique– customer base, so, since they will certainly be using final polishing touches to the sound of mixes or modifies, listening experience improvement exists at the heart of this pedigreed design: an additional low profile stops the desk from hindering of the all-important sound reproduction, helped by back- sited VMT absorption panels by self-styled Ingenious Acoustics Solutions service provider Vicoustic to reduce disorderly reflections and also resonances, while the work surface area itself is made from AERstop, an acoustic material that minimizes reflections as well as deftly functions as a computer mouse pad. Perfectly sized, an armrest helps smooth inputting and also lowers wrist stress and anxiety.

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Maestro 36
Price €2,999.00 EUR

Maestro 24
Price €2,399.00 EUR

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