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If you looking for cool looking studio furniture check out the ZAOR ONDA Media Workstation. ZOAR’s workstation looks cool but its a little pricey for someone with a small home or bedroom studio. If you plan to have a professional studio then take a look at the ONDA Media Workstation. They also have smaller workstation desks so feel free to browse around. Read more below.

ORADEA, ROMANIA: studio furnishings designer and manufacturer ZAOR is honored to introduce the ONDA media workstation— the most up to date addition to its flourishing household of CLASSIC Series media workstations and accessories created to fulfill the unique requirements of artists and producers by stabilizing build quality and budget.

The classic and aesthetically-pleasing ONDA style dates back to customer demands for a lightweight yet reassuringly solid media workstation with easily-reachable shelf spacing positioned to its harsh left and right when sitting at the mixing pleasant area. Taking things one step further, atop each tilted shelf is a useful flat surface, sited hence for positioning nearfield studio monitors up and down or flat as the customer sees healthy (or the layout of the center monitor being made use of allows). All in all, the concentration is on durable high quality with side panels, front arm remainder, and feet all being crafted from solid neighborhood oak, which could be left in its organic blond-colored state or tarnished to Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, or Black– the selection is available, so pick meticulously!

Mentioning selection, the ONDA is offered in various models to suit individual needs: a straight variation, with the two rack bays positioned in parallel at either party of the significant work surface area– best for siting smaller-sized mixing consoles or DAW controllers, such as Solid State Logic’s Nucleus, as an example– or angled at 15 or 30 degrees to form a trapezoidal-shaped job surface, broadening to the rear. ONDA is capably sustained by 4 sophisticated, durable legs, with both central legs angled to the back to leave a lot of legroom and additionally offer perfect accessibility to all parts of the media workstation itself. A good touch.

Starting at $1,637.23 USD

Find out more here.

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