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If you’re a music gear junkie, you will love the new product line-up from Waldorf. Waldorf has a new Eurorack synth iOS app and plugin. Read more below.

REMAGEN, GERMANY: top quality synthesizer developer Waldorf is happy to reveal brand-new software for Mac, PC, and iOS along with its first Eurorack Module at Winter NAMM 2015, January 22-25 in Anaheim, California …


Having seriously succeeded in transforming perceptions of what a serious iOS instrument can be many thanks to one-of-a-kind sounds just unachievable with other synthesizer, Waldorf has actually replied to demands to make its acclaimed Nave advanced wavetable synthesizer readily available on other platforms by presenting Nave for VST/AU/RTAS. Now this brand-new Nave brings that notable Nave sound engine to your preferred DAW. Designers have actually optimized its fantastic icon to deal with the tried-and-tested computer combination of keyboard and also mouse (or track pad) instead of touch screen surface area modern technology. The full featured Nave comes pre-packed with excellent sounds, varying from spatial pads to brilliant wavetable scans as well as strong basses, yet, over and also beyond that, a wealth of unbelievably innovative surreal sounds — several of them expertly generated by a few of the best sound designers available. As a synthesizer beast at heart, Nave actually stands for an amazing play ground for sound development creativity. Its oscillators provide expanded wavetable capability with elaborate modifying centers as well as a very effective speech synthesizer. Any individual at all accustomed to Waldorf software tools will right away feel straight at home with the normal Waldorf process where sound shaping components are always straight accessible and all arpeggiator, envelopes, results (Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Reverb, Compressor, Equalizer), and Modulation Matrix controls are simply one press of a digital switch away. Modified highlights include two independent advanced wavetable oscillators each voice with saw, triangle, PWM, pink and white noise (and also up to eight-oscillator); 2 ring modulators; multimode filter (with HP/LP/ BP, 24 dB, and 12 dB settings); three envelopes; 2 LFOs; as well as considerably more. And also besides its common yet classy colorful key-board, Nave likewise consists of ingenious ‘leads’ as well as pads to regulate the sound in different methods. Why limit yourself to iOS? The brand-new Nave now allows you function wherever and nonetheless you desire. Whether you’re Mac- or PC- based, laptop-mobile or desktop-bound, Nave gives your professional production and a absolutely sophisticated sound.

nw1 Wavetable Module

By offering the nw1 Waldorf Wavetable module from the firm’s standard (ceased) Microwave as well as Wave synthesizers, this powder-coated, steel surfaced component will effortlessly enhance any sort of Eurorack modular synth system as a potently powerful sound source. Shrewdly, the nw1 Wavetable Component’s sound engine additionally permits for onboard development of individual wavetables through time domain name a number of foldover analysis. Any sort of sound source can be attached to the nw1 Wavetable Component using the In 1 CV (Control Voltage) input to transfer sound into a wavetable.

Attack for iOS

Back in the fantastic environment of iOS, Waldorf has successfully migrated its old Attack virtual drum as well as percussion soft synth that took the VST globe by storm back in very early 2001 to iPad 3 (Retina), iPad mini (1 as well as 2), and iPad Air (1 and 2) as iOS Strike. Its remarkable sound engine is smartly complimented by an incorporated 16-step sequencer that is as fun to utilize as it serves. iOS Attack offers 24 tools– each completely programmable through a magnificent, touch- optimised interface. Its oscillators are body fat, the filter versatile, as well as envelopes lightning quick. Each drum sound can be enhanced with among 4 independent insert multi-effects with Delay, Equalizer, Drive, Phaser, Flanger, Carolers, and also Phrase Vocoder. Input verses, result track! Modify gender just as you’ve consistently desired? Why not! Phrase vocoding innovation apart, iOS Assault’s sound engine is likewise capable of generating effective polyphonic synth/bass/lead seems– perfect for creating full-blown backing series. Merely like Nave, iOS Attack is a seriously extensive music tool for iPads. It’s easy and also fun for certain, but at its core it’s genuinely a sonic monster of an instrument, instrumental in causing out-and-out drum power– from the tablet and into the wall surfaces!

Timeless wavetable synthesis is understood for conjuring up the spirited analogue and also electronic hybrid sounds that have beautified so many smash hit documents over so several decades. Strike is a percussion synthesizer powered by an almighty analogue synth sound generator. As Attack computes all audio in realtime, individuals could alter any parameter straight.

Waldorf Edition 2

Last yet not the very least, tellingly, the classic Waldorf Edition has had a visual makeover, yet its core values remain unchanged as well as undisputed: the divine trinity of inspiring software tools! Aside from its drastically overhauled interface, the brand-new Waldorf Edition 2 additionally brings an incredibly increased results part (with Equalizer, Drive, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and also Reverb) right into play. D-Pole completes the Waldorf Version 2 schedule as a very functional filter plug-in with 5 filter types (lowpass, bandpass, high pass, notch, as well as resonator), SAMPLE RATE decrease OVERDRIVE, RING MOD, (varying up to +52 dB), and also stereo hold-up– all in fascinating Waldorf quality, of training course … simply like all of its new software as well as equipment tables!

Nave €149.00
Waldorf Editon 2 €69.00
nw1 Wavetable Module €329.00
Expect products second quarter 2015

Find out more: http://www.waldorf-music.info/

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