On August 12, 2023, Nembrini Audio unveils Voltour, a cutting-edge digital 2-channel all-valve enhancer inspired by the renowned Culture Vulture by Thermionic Culture Ltd*. Experience its exceptional capabilities by listening to it here:

Nembrini Audio ยท The Voltour 2 Channel All Valve Enhancer Plugin

The Voltour plugin meticulously replicates the iconic hardware device in digital form, further expanding its already extensive tonal possibilities. With three distinct distortion modes, musicians are bestowed with a myriad of harmonically enriched tones: Triode for added warmth, P1 Pentode for heightened intensity, and P2 Pentode, utilizing an unconventional valve configuration to deliver an extra octave at higher bias settings. Setting up and operating Voltour is a breeze, as it seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with the timeless allure of analog warmth, preserving the original Culture Vulture’s character and charm.

Each channel boasts an array of features, including a Mixer for parallel processing on any bus to introduce a gentle valve presence, Phase to blend dry signals with reverse-phase wet signals, Auto for wet output leveling, and a Continuous Filter. The Link feature ensures perfectly matched stereo imaging, preserving balance and streamlining your workflow.

For a limited time, this exceptional plugin is available at a special introductory price until October 15, 2023. The desktop version can be purchased for just $29.99 during this promotional period, with the price rising to $99 thereafter. The iOS version is also on offer at $7.99, increasing to $14.99 after the promotion concludes. Voltour is compatible with PC, Mac, and iOS platforms, supporting VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and AUv3 formats, and an iLok account is required.

To learn more and download the plugin, please visit here or access it on the Apple App Store here.

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