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VHS Crosstalk

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If you’re a lucky owner of the Analog Rytm, you can purchase a new sample pack from Elektron called “VHS Crosstalk“. The samples were recorded onto VHS video tape. Read more below.

Elektron launches the VHS Crosstalk Sound Pack for Analog Rytm. The pack has a variety of blood loss, interfering and also harrowingly magnetic audios from the VHS age. All samples were refined and also mastered on 1/2-inch magnetic tape making use of house VHS recorder equipment.

VHS Crosstalk consists of a choice of samples, maximized for use on the Analog Rytm (though the samples will likewise deal with an Octatrack or a Machinedrum UW). The bundle additionally consists of a custom-made Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, sets and live-friendly scene and efficiency macros. All material has been produced by Virtual Flannel and also Elektron.

Key features

  • One Project
  • Sixteen Patterns
  • Sixteen Kits (featuring scene and performance macros)
  • One Hundred samples (16 bit / 48 kHz / mono)
  • Total sample size: 36,1 MB
  • Including: 4 Tape recordings, 7 claps, 10 bass, 2 cymbals, 5 fx, 1 Rimshots, 14 kicks, 5 percussion, 2 Rhodes, 6 hihats, 3 Snares and 41 synths.

Price €15

Buy here.

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