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If you looking for some cool Ocarina samples, check out Impact Soundworks VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – OCARINAS. Impact Soundworks has continued to deliver stellar audio samples and I’m sure this one won’t disapoint. Read more below.

FULTON, MD, U.S.A: audio software maker Impact Soundworks is proud to announce the launch of VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – OCARINAS– the current (5th) release in its VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS collection of deeply-sampled solo ethnic woodwinds instruments, this time demonstrating one of the most deeply- sampled collection of (Costa Rican Pendant, Triple, as well as Chinese Xun) ocarinas yet seen and heard in Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT platform anywhere– as of November 30 …

A common dictionary meaning of an ocarina is a tiny egg-shaped ceramic– specifically terracotta– or steel wind instrument with holes for the fingers. While the word itself journeyed from Italy in the late 19th Century– from oca (goose) because of its waterbird-like shape, Costa Rican Pendant Ocarinas originate from the time of the Incas and were made use of as instruments for rituals, celebrations, and ceremonies; they normally have 8 or 9 openings and are frequently formed like animals– as shown by the toad-like one deeply sampled by Impact Soundworks for VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – OCARINAS.

Price $99.00 USD

Buy here.

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