PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: United Plugins, the federation of independent development teams, is delighted to announce the release of BITPUNK, created by founding partner JMG Sound. BITPUNK is an advanced bit-swapping engine that offers a unique digital degradation effect plugin for iPad, iPhone, and Mac (AUv3). It manipulates audio in aggressive and creative ways, allowing users to go from subtle sonic enhancements to complete degradation and destruction. The product became available on June 22.

Powerful Bit Manipulation:

BITPUNK is not just a reference to loud and aggressive rock music; it represents a punk attitude towards digital degradation. This powerful effect plugin provides a wide range of bit-altering techniques, including swapping, crushing, inverting, and morphing. It incorporates cutting-edge bit-mangling effects, such as master compression (PRESS), saturation (HEAT), and hard clipping (CLIP), setting BITPUNK apart as the ultimate bit plugin that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Enhance or Destroy:

BITPUNK is a versatile digital degradation effect plugin that can subtly enhance sound in various ways. Users can add top-end crunch with bit-crushing and rate reduction, smooth out the sound with filters, and boost the low end with feedback. They can then apply compression and saturation for ultimate enhancement. However, BITPUNK’s true nature allows it to deform and destroy audio with frequency shifting, glitch effects, aggressive compression, and hard clipping. The plugin offers a broad spectrum of possibilities, from subtle sonic magic to all-out degradation, deformation, and destruction.

Swapping Bits:

BITPUNK is powered by an advanced bit-swapping engine that excels at what it does. The main focus of the plugin is to swap bits between two source channels. The SWAP MODE determines how the sources will be swapped. The MORPH mode progressively swaps bits between the color-coded A (green) and B (red) channels, enabling smooth transitions and automation. The GRID mode allows for independent bit swapping from A to B, ideal for creating custom bit patterns. It’s important to note that the two sources must be different in order for the bit-swapping to take effect. To achieve this, the two channels offer various effects, including a rate reducer for creating crunchy top-end sounds and lo-fi arcade effects, a square wave frequency shifter with a dirty lo-fi algorithm, a syncable delay for cool phasing effects, and HP and LP filters, among others. BITPUNK also includes a SIDECHAIN input in its B MODE SELECTION, enabling users to route audio into the B channel for unique morphing between two distinct sound sources. The SIDECHAIN input can also be used to duplicate the input signal and introduce external effects to create differences between the two channels.

A New Kind of Crush:

BITPUNK’s B MODE SELECTION includes a MUTE mode, allowing users to swap bits from the input with silenced bits for classic bit-crushing effects. Unlike standard bit crushers, BITPUNK offers the flexibility to silence bits in any order, adding a modern twist to this classic effect. After deforming and degrading the audio with the bit effects, users can further enhance the sound with included features like an aggressive compressor (PRESS), soft clipping diode saturation (HEAT), HP and LP filters, and a hard clipper (CLIP). These tools can be used to tame harshness, fatten the sound, or push it to the extreme, and the overall effect can be adjusted using the master DRY/WET mix. BITPUNK offers a vast range of creative possibilities, making it a favorite plugin for award-winning producer, sound designer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Zardonic, who describes it as his “favorite plugin of all time.”

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