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Spitfire Audio is back again with a new library called the UNION CHAPEL ORGAN. The UNION CHAPEL ORGAN are samples of a real pipe organ. Read more below.

SPITFIRE_LOGOLONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio, creators of the finest software instruments from the finest music samples worldwide, is proud to reveal availability of UNION CHAPEL ORGAN– providing the special sound of the just recently brought back 19th Century pipe organ at award-winning London place and functioning church Union Chapel as its most recent sample-based virtual tool (consisting of presets produced making use of Spitfire Audio’s prize-winning eDNA engine) for Native Instruments– as of July 7 …

The enormous pipe organ at Union Chapel in North London is genuinely unique, created by master organ-builder Henry ‘Father’ Willis– well known for the distinguished pipe organs on show and still in use at the St Paul’s Cathedral and Royal Albert Hall, the former formerly being the biggest worldwide– back in 1877 particularly to match the dimension and acoustics of the then-new structure. But to be honest; it is definitely among the finest examples of 19th Century craftsmanship anywhere in the world, fascinating in its angelic soft sounds to roaring rumbling. “The modest organist could have a band of a thousand voices.” Stated renowned French organist as well as organ teacher Marie-Claire Alain, the most-recorded organist in the globe.

Price $229.00

Buy here.

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