The Best Top 5 Free Music Instrument Apps for iPad

The Best Top 5

I’ve decided to list my best top 5 free music instrument apps to help people who just spent all their money on a iPad but have no money left for apps. Well, here are a few apps to get you started. I tried to put a list together with apps you can do actual work with that are not just toys. The Apple App Store is loaded with tons of Apps and many are not worth the time even if they are free. These apps won’t rival the more expensive apps in the $10 and above range but should put you on the right path until you have money to get a worthy app.

You can also luck up and get a premium app for free but you will have to be on the look out or have a special app that will alert you to a price drop or free status. Well without further ado here goes my list.

Mode machines xoxbox

Mode Machines Xoxbox

Mode Machines is a German company that make cool hardware devices for making music. Alexander Smith Recently released this cool app that is an emulation of the hardware Xoxbox.

App Store: Mode Machines Xoxbox

Price: Free

Novation Launchkey

Novation Launchpad

Novation Launchpad is a app made for remixing. The Launchpad app is a striped down version of the Launchpad hardware. You can take loops and manipulate them further plus it’s free.

App Store: Novation Launchpad

Price: Free

Fingerlab musyc


Fingerlab put out this unique app called Musyc. This app is not a traditional way to make music but it so cool to play with it. Musyc let’s you use shapes to make music. It’s a no brainer. Get it.

App Store: Musyc

Price: Free

novation Launchkey

Novation Launchkey

Novation Launchkey app was made to work with Novation Launchpad app. You can use Launchkey to add synth lines to music you’ve created with the Launchpad. The app is midi ready so you can use your favorite controller and get busy. Not sure how long this app will remain free so get it now.

App Store: Novation Launchkey

Price: Free

Studio 1111

Studio 1111

Alexander Smith released Studio 1111 not long ago. It does a emulation of a tb-303 and tr-808. You get the best of both worlds with this app. It’s worth the download.

App Store: Studio 1111

Price: Free

If you know of any good free apps let me know.




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