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Shān Bawu

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If you’re in the market for some cool clarinet-like sounds from China, check out Shān Bawu. The price is not bad either. Read more below.

RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES: VST producer Embertone is proud to unveil Shān Bawu– introducing its collaboration with world flutist William Arnold tape-recorded playing the Bawu, a flute-shaped free reed instrument with a pure clarinet-like timbre that (probably) come from the Yunnan province of southwest China, producing the initial in The William Arnold Collection namesake series of wind instruments, extremely tasted and also superlatively scripted as a basic, inspiring, as well as highly- usable virtual instrument for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT system.

While it is formed like a flute, the Bawu is a free reed instrument. It has a pure clarinet-like timbre, as well as players typically integrate the use of ornamentation– bending tones specifically. It is most likely that the Bawu originated in the Yunnan province of southwest China, but it has since come to be a basic instrument throughout. It is commonly showcased as a solo instrument in modern-day Chinese compositions for conventional ensembles and also movies alike. The Bawu is still primarily done in China, it has been welcomed by many European musicians and also performers in current years.

Price $30.00 USD Works with KONTAKT only

Buy here.

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