SP-404 MKII -10 Key Strategies for Maximizing Performance


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on maximizing your performance with the Roland SP-404 MKII. As seasoned professionals in music production and performance, we understand the significance of fully harnessing the capabilities of your equipment. In this article, we will present ten essential techniques that will help you unlock new levels of creativity and productivity with […]

How To Make Boom Bap Beats

how to make boom bap beats

When it comes to Hip-Hop, the Boom Bap beat is a classic and timeless sound that has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts for decades. Its infectious groove, heavy drum breaks, and soulful samples are the foundation of many iconic tracks. If you’re a music producer looking to dive into the world of Boom Bap […]

Rhythm Roulette: araabMUZIK (Video)

Here is a dope video of araabMUZIK making a beat on the MPC 2500. One thing I notice is that he used the built in sequencer and I was shocked that he didn’t do a live beat. I’m so use to seeing him perform his beats live instead of programming. The beat is still dope. […]

Rhythm Roulette: Jake One (Video)

Jake One makes great beats but I’m not feeling this one too much. He gets busy with the Ensoniq ASR 10 Sampling keyboard to make his beats. I always wanted one but with the advent of modern technology I gravitated to software. This is worth a peep.

UVI Unveils Falcon


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] If you looking for a soft synth with tons of EFXs, many oscillators and sampling capability, check out UVI’s Falcon. Falcon has many features to keep any musician busy. Read more below. Paris, October 28th, 2015– UVI reveals Falcon, a fully-featured hybrid instrument with 15 oscillators with synthesis as well as sampling techniques, […]

Elektron Workflow Videos

elektron workflow

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Elektron just revealed the last workflow videos for their awesome instruments. You will certainly get some spark of creation juices from these workflow videos. Read more below. Elektron reveals new workflow videos Swedish instrument maker Elektron has launched the last installment of the brand-new workflow video collection. Easy to obtain and also extremely […]

Casio Unveils 4 Sampling Keyboards


Casio introduced 4 new sampling keyboards with two that was displayed at Summer NAMM 2014. The keyboards hearken back to a time when Casio released the SK-1 sampling keyboard which featured a simple sampler to record sounds and play them back. The new keyboards share this sample technology plus more. Read more below. The sampling […]