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Spitfire returns with a new sample library called “SYMPHONIC BRASS“. If you looking for some realistic brass sounds, check this out. Read more below.

LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio, the creators of the finest virtual instruments from the finest music samples worldwide, is honored to announce availability of SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC BRASS– a conclusive compendium of orchestral brass in various section sizes, varying from solo to bigger groups of the typical suspects together with cimbassi and also contrabass curios, captured to tape through the finest signal path at Lyndhurst Hall within London’s epic Air Studios, playing host to the most desired (British) brass musicians worldwide while laying the structures for the finest instrumental brass library available (as an additional sample-based instrument for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER system with NKS ®, an extended plug-in layout enabling advanced assimilation with NI’s KONTROL keyboard controllers)– since September 15 …

The path to making SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC BRASS available has, nevertheless, been a lengthy one for its namesake maker– the creative culmination of over a decade of sweeping sampling as well as 4 developmental years invested on a regular basis taping the most effective British brass players at work as perhaps the most effective in the globe. While its inspired material initially saw the light of day in modular kind as component of Spitfire Audio’s BML (British Modular Library), an ambitious job to develop the greatest-sounding and also, eventually, future-proofed living instrumental virtual tools collection, SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC BRASS actually rationalizes those many, deep-sampled parts right into an all-new design which will certainly permit future renovations and improvements as a much more affordable entry right into what the firm jointly believes to be the finest instrumental brass collection offered anywhere today. That being said, with various noteworthy renovations now executed, including a whole host of new articulations and new tools such as contrabass tuba and also solo trombones, there’s so a lot more to SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC BRASS than just making it a lot more manageable and also budget-friendly.

Price $599.00

Buy here.

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