Spitfire Audio Presents LONDON SOLOS

London Solos

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Spitfire Audio has a new sound library for KONTAKT called LONDON SOLOS. If you looking for some excellent sampled percussion, check out LONDON SOLOS. You need the free KONTAKT Player to use this. Read more below.

SPITFIRE_LOGO_White on Black 300dpi copy 2 (2)LONDON, UK: compositional devices developer Spitfire Audio is pleased to reveal availability of HZ03 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION LONDON SOLOS– the third (Mac 10.8 or higher and Windows 7 suitable) virtual tool installment of Hollywood soundtrack supremo Hans Zimmer’s tantalizing handle on his really trailblazing method to cinematic percussion for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT PLAYER system, completely broadening the width of solo content discovered within the initial HZ01 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION LONDON collection released to common essential praise earlier this year by bringing extra clarity as well as tightness to any ambitious composition– as of November 4 …

Spitfire Audio’s Signature Array sample collection certainly has a trademark sound, hence the suitable appellation. As one of the most successful, influential, and respected film authors of his generation, it is simply suitable that Hans Zimmer– himself familiar with the virtues of effective sampling– should have his very own such Trademark Range. Having actually collaborated with Spitfire Audio on the definite collection of hybrid cinematic widespread percussion ensembles in the multi-award-winning HZ01 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION LONDON library and also its well-received HZ02 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION L.A follow-up including the premier percussive skills of world-renowned Bonham (son of fabulous Led Zeppelin commercial traveler John Bonham), HZ03 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION LONDON SOLOS effectively finishes a far-ranging percussion job that has actually been numerous meticulous years in the production.

Plainly, then, in between both of them, HZ01 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION LONDON as well as HZ03 – HANS ZIMMER PERCUSSION LONDON SOLOS set out to supply the most effective sounds of both worlds, with the latter’s wonderfully performed solo instruments bringing bite, specific, emphasis, clarity, as well as nuance to this legendary Signature Collection– as well as, definitely, the compositional table, many thanks in no little part to the premier percussive skills of Frank Ricotti, Hans Zimmer’s long-term partner that has actually aided Spitfire Audio to successfully envelop the definitive anthology of percussion instruments and designs created over 10 years of fantastic hit film racking up. This is, undoubtedly, a genuine ear blowing techniques checked out throughout the similarity Gladiator, Inception, Black Hawk Down and The Dark Knight. As opposed to public opinion, nevertheless, Hans Zimmer himself is specifically partial to the subtleties of quieter percussion layers, so while the “twat it” layers– as Frank Ricotti (not) so naturally places it– deal with (re)creating the roaring tones that grace a lot of Hans Zimmer’s trademark soundtracks, the lesser layers give lots of prospective to engage in some delicate drum programs to keep those even more smooth signals ticking along suitably.

Price £149.00 GBP (subject to VAT within the EU) — rising to £199.00 GBP

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