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Softube wants the world to know about their drum synth called Heartbeat. Heartbeat is a drum synth emulation made to function like old drum synths from the 80s. Read more below.

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: in a significant musical power move, Swedish software developer Softube has music lovers blood rushing when showcasing Heartbeat– its innovative software application drum synth with easily acquainted, yet unique sound qualities– at Musikmesse 2015, April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany …

Heartbeat is likely to create severe palpitations! Why? Well, by restoring classic drum synthesis with a revenge, Heartbeat harkens back to days gone by’s much-loved designed analog synthesis method, but brings a wide range of forward-thinking functions and also adaptability to bare on exactly what could possibly well be the utmost desired drum synth software application solution suited to satisfying (nearly) any individual’s beat-making demands! If that still appears like a tall order … read more below!

What makes Heartbeat so special? Well, while it attracts its motivation from the ideal Eighties-vintage analog drum devices, it does not imitate any sort of existing drum machine. The outstanding sound whipping at its rhythmical heart mainly originates from Softube’s exclusive analog-modeled synthesis engines, made to drive the rhythms to any place the user wishes to take them.

Below Heartbeat users will certainly find 2 varying bass drum channels (BASS DRUM 1 and BASS DRUM 2)– best for generating punchy, deep kicks, yet additionally completely capable of creating stylish and also compelling woody sounds. Tonal modifications abound, with a number of specialized controls for both BASS DRUM 1 (ATTACK, PITCH, ATTACK TYPE, BEND, DECAY, and also HARMONICS) and BASS DRUM 2 (ATTACK, DECAY, PITCH, as well as HARMONICS) placed straight above their connected channels. The 2 devoted snare drum channels (SNARE/CLAP as well as SNARE/RIM SHOT) have many similar specifications connected with each of them– WAVE SYNTH sliders, plus 2 TYPE, PITCH, as well as DECAY controls– to attain anything from cool rimshots, gentle and flowing snare rolls, to mechanized-like claps.

Price $199.00 available summer 2015

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