12 Piece

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Lately the Drum Broker has been releasing Sample Libraries for producers to avoid sample clearances and do what they do best. Snare Jordan Enterprises introduces 12 Piece sample Library which is packed with funk and soul. Jake One and G Koop are the ones behind this Library and I feel this is the future for sample base producers. I will never stop digging but this is good to have if you need to throw something together quick and not worrying about clearing samples.

I’ve personally missed out on deals because of samples and sometimes I did because I make hip-hop and some Company’s were scared to touch it. You need to grab this kit if you want to take your career to the next level. Some sample base producers will think this is cheating but look at it this way, you can feel comfortable telling a company that no samples need to be cleared and get the deal. Read More below.

12 Piece is a sample library created by Grammy nominated producer Jake One and Grammy nominated multi instrumentalist G Koop. All samples are guaranteed master use clearance. Jake and Koop created this library with the hip hop producer in mind specifically.

12 Piece was created for the sample based producer who is looking for original, unique sounds to chop into slaps. No more dealing with outrageous sample clearance prices.

All of the samples were recorded using a wealth of vintage instruments in G Koop’s studio. G Koop has done replays for Drake, Talib Kweli, MF Doom, Rick Ross and countless others. His attention to detail in sound design sets him apart from other musicians.

Instruments featured in these samples:

Rare Vintage Synths: Prophet 5, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Memorymoog, Arp Axxe, Emulator and more
Vintage Drums
Vintage Guitar Amps
Vintage Bass Amps
Vintage Basses
Vintage Guitars
Strings, etc.X

Price $24.99

Click here to grab kit.


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