Sha Money XL - Get Drums or Die Trying

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If you’re a fan of 50 Cent than you’ve heard Sha Money’s beats behind many classics for G-Unit. The Drum Broker introduces Sha Money XL – Get Drums or Die Trying to the masses ready for download. The title alone should let you know this is official.

Looking for drums can be a chore so save yourself some time and grab these. When you see drum kits from professional producers, you have to pay attention. Drums can make or break a song so don’t be cheap with your productions. Using drum machine presets won’t cut it when making Boom Bap Hip Hop so keep this in mind when you want to make a banger. It’s time to fill up your sampler with Drums to make the next Boom Bap classic. Read more below.

Introducing the Official Sha Money XL Drum Kit – Get Drums Or Die Trying…

Sha Money XL is better known as the founder and Producer of G Unit Records & EVP of Urban A&R Epic Records with production credits including 50 Cent, G-unit, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks, Big Krit, 2Pac, Scarface, & Mobb Deep to name a few. He’s been pivotal in the success and legendary status of the industry’s top artists and has an uncanny ear for hit records.

Sha’s Get Drums Or Die Trying is a collection of 129 of Sha’s favorite drum samples from his production arsenal & featured hit records (G-Unit, 50, etc.). Sha personally tweaked & mixed each original record snare and kick with extra bottom (low end) and added FX and compression where needed.

The entire kit was mixed (EQ & Selective Compression) on an SSL console.

Sha’s Get Drums Or Die Trying kit is perfect for stand alone use or layering with existing drum samples.

Stay tuned to The Drum Broker for Sha Money XL’s 4th Annual One Stop Shop Producer Conference coming in 2014

Price $24.99

Grab Kit Here

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