Rob Papen Reveals Predator-PL Soft Synth


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Rob Papen

Rob Papen is a keyboard wizard that can work wonders with his hands. When he play’s his fingers moves so fast he can do his own arpeggiation with ease. This guy is amazing and so are his plug-ins like the Predator he released in 2009. Now he is blessing the masses with the Predator-PL soft synth.

Rob Papen Soundware is pleased to reveal the Predator-PL with a ton of user presets that makes it easy for a user to dial up useable sounds without fiddling around. The Predator-PL is being sold exclusively thru Sweetwater and Music Store Professional in Europe as a direct download.

Predator-PL is a soft synth that has an impressive layout, uncompromising sound quality, and music production-grade presets developed to make tracks stand out. Rob Papen’s Predator was in high demand when it was first released. Merely ask any one of the countless artists which have gladly verbalized it as the synth to get.

As tweaky and interesting as soft synths are, you cannot obtain awesome and tweakier sounds compared to the Predator. Many synth players and producers invest a lot of time looking for the best soft synth to make noises for themselves from the bottom up. The presets in Predator-PL make it easy to pull up a cool sound and get busy. Predator-PL is an ideal plug-in for those who prefer cherry-picking from a assorted collection of noises over making thorough edits of patches.

Predator-PL is packed with 4,400 presets in different song styles like ambient to hip-hop, hypnotic trance to dubstep, and anywhere in-between. Predator-PL will fit any individual looking for a high quality synth plug-in. Several of those highly-usable presets have actually been developed by the man himself Rob Papen, a very skilled sound developer with a powerful track record dating back numerous years.

Check it out for yourself.

Price $59.00 US

Sweetwater Direct Download (US)
Music Store Professional Direct Download (Europe)

More about Rob Papen

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