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Audified is blazing a trail with their new addition to their product lineup called the U78 Saturator. The U78 Saturator is essentially a saturator to give you the flavor of vintage hardware. Read more below.

BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: software plugin designer Audified is proud to announce availability of U78 Saturator– saturation effects plugin, using thorough emulations of the amazing-sounding analog wiring central to the U73b, the cherished Sixties-vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter that discovered favor in European circles well right into the Eighties, yet supplementing the tube saturation wiring with high-pass as well as lowpass filters and also a distinct tone filter for some seriously satisfying saturation– as of December 12 …

Not surprisingly, U78 Saturator’s beautiful GUI (Graphical User Interface) implementation is superficially much like that of its lately released U73b Compressor brother or sister. Naturally, probably, both plug-ins even share some more important attributes. The power and calibration module is similar when taken at face value with On/Off switch (to toggle in between processing and bypassed states) and also a -9 dB default Calib. (calibration) setup with an added value mechanism; in addition, the software application model works with actual voltages that are the same as those discovered in the original hardware circuitry (related to the dBu scale), however the DSP in DAWs collaborates with dBFS so individuals can (very carefully) established the calibration (to function within the proper functional range of U78 Saturator’s saturation FX ).

Somewhere else, in the level control module, Mix controls the wet and dry signal ratio with the dry signal only delayed to match the wet signal path latency to avoid phasing concerns, while output readjusts the output gain of the whole FX and can be adjusted instantly when Auto is switched over to On.

While moving onwards and (essentially) upwards, much like the U73b Compressor reboot before it, U78 Saturator’s beautiful GUI includes a screen area that is as easy on the eye as it is easy to use with selectable screen color. All parameters can be set numerically while Preset management is located on the right-hand side of the display along with obvious LOAD and also STORE functions as well as a practical essential symbol-designated services menu.

Price $149.00 USD

Buy here.

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