Super Audio Boy

If you’re in the market for some cool Game Boy audio samples, check out SUPER AUDIO BOY. Now you can craft your own tunes with the Game Boy sound. Read more below.

FULTON, MD, U.S.A: audio software designer Impact Soundworks is honored to announce accessibility of SUPER AUDIO BOY– a complimentary AAX-, AU-, and VST-compatible KONTAKT instrument/sample collection that creatively records the retro sounds of the famous Nintendo Game Boy handheld for authentically (re)producing Chiptunes but fast-forwarding them to today with advanced layering, filtering system, arpeggiation, and a lot more …

SUPER AUDIO BOY is Impact Soundworks free version of SUPER AUDIO CART; the most complete set of samples of the classic video game ever produced before bringing SAC Synthesis, rhythm, effects, and modulations on top of the sample set of the Game Boy. The Game Boy was established and also made by Nintendo to remarkable success throughout its product life, it sold an extraordinary 64-million units before Game Boy Color came calling in late 1998, thanks in no small component to highly-addictive games such as Tetris, their distinctive-sounding synthesized electronic music made within the technical constraints of Game Boy’s sound chip.

Download here.

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