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If you’re a big fan of Freddie Mercury, you definitely want to check out the sample library from WavesFactory called “Mercury“. Mercury is featuring the Fazioli F228 grand piano. Read more below.

ARTÀ, MAJORCA: Spanish sample libraries and plug-ins creator Wavesfactory is honored to introduce accessibility of Mercury– an aptly-named sample-based grand piano software instrument for Native Instruments industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER system featuring Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s favoured Fazioli F228 grand piano, professionally recorded to the highest possible standard in Studio A at London’s leading Metropolis Studios, thoroughly crafted to excellence throughout a 1 year production duration– since November 28 …

Mercury looks as fantastic as it appears, thanks to a lovely GUI (Graphical User Interface) created and also provided in 3D by Voger Design, designers of high-end, easy to use user interfaces for audio applications. Available through its motivational MAIN page– teeming with an understanding nod of 3D provided render in respect to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s timeless crown and king’s robe live performance attire, Mercury’s MIXER page includes independent control of each of those perfectly-positioned (ULTRACLOSE, CLOSE, MONO, MID, and Far) Metropolis mics with parameters generally associated with an audio mixing console for ‘position improved’ mixing; the FXs page allows 4 DSP (Digital Signal Processing) FXs to be added to the sound, consisting of two (EMT 140) METROPOLITAN PLATES– switchable between Solid State and Valve setups with Pre Delay, High Pass, Low Pass, as well as Damp controls, together with switchable setups for Brief, Mid, and also Lengthy reverb times– along with a controllable EQUALIZER, COMPRESSOR as well as CHORUS; and, ultimately, the SETTINGS page permits innovative control of any kind of parameter any user could possibly select– from ROUND ROBIN settings (up to 12x with Neighbour Borrowing) to SOUNDS, such as sympathetic resonance (Reso) and also Pedal, plus a lot more!

Intro promo price of €99.00 EUR

Buy here.

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