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Pittsburgh Modular is spreading the word on their new foot pedal called Patch Box. Patch Box is a modular patch box you can install different modules inside. Read more below.

Pittsburgh-Modular-Logo-500-3002PITTSBURGH, PA, U.S.A: modern-day, fully-patchable, modular synthesizers as well as devices producer Pittsburgh Modular is proud to introduce its Patch Box line of modular FX pedals– redefining both modular synthesis and the age-old stomp box by producing distinct patchable FX devices for guitarists and keyboardists– at Musikmesse 2015, January 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany …

In a seismic shift in the meaning of exactly what a synthesizer could be, Pittsburgh Modular’s Patch Box redefines modular synthesis around the venerable stomp box trample creating a monster performance beast for keyboardist and guitar players and also– a patchable, modular system designed made to deal with anything. As a play area for unregulated imagination, the Patch Box is a fully-patchable, customizable performance pedal .

To safeguard the tone of user instruments, considerately the Patch Box features a real BYPASS and an unique preamp with incredibly tall headroom clearance along with a pair of fully-buffered outputs. Custom-engineered soft-limiting wiring built into the preamp brings in personality without undesirable noise at greater gain settings. Said preamp has double, buffered outputs to permit intricate signal directing, however for covering a single modulation or sound source into 2 destinations, the patchable signal splitter is an excellent remedy. Likewise referred to as a MULTIPLE, the signal splitter has one input and 2 outputs, permitting any signal to be transmitted to 2 destinations.

Twin, assignable expression pedal INPUTS permit the Patch Box to conveniently integrate third-party expression pedals anywhere into the signal path to enable for real-time foot command of any kind of voltage-controllable specification or split the signal from the foot controller to regulate two parameters simultaneously. Twin, assignable A/B foot switches– SWITCH 1 as well as SWITCH 2– increase signal routing choices. Perfect for usage as on/off switches or to turn between 2 signals, the foot switches could be patched up to enable/disable individual modules or route sound and control voltages. Attempt patching an modulation source, such as an LFO or outside expression pedal, with the foot switch to make it possible for or disable the modualtion while playing. Spot the outputs of two FX into the foot switches to bounce between results. With 2 independent, patchable foot switches to play with, there are plenty of choices for real-time signal routing. The last phase of the Patch Box signal path is a master OUTPUT volume control. Readjust the output signal level to associate with a large range of gadgets.

Furthering adaptability, the Patch Box is readily available awaiting user-customization, courtesy of an ever-increasing option of Dwarfcraft Devices, Pittsburgh Modular, or different compatible Eurorack-format modules. The Patch Box is also offered in a number of preconfigured supposed Complete and also Core FX systems that highlight the wide variety of Pittsburgh Modular as well as Dwarfcraft Devices FX modules– from stunning filters to sweeping phase shifters to gritty distortion, character-rich analog delays, and a lot more besides … all are offered to communicate with and also adjust in totally brand-new means! Let’s look closer to consider what’s on offer?

Being billed as “A Modular Exploration of Space and Time,” the Time Box Complete comes packed within a Patch Box, Reverb (voltage-controlled digital reverb module), Analog Replicator, Lopass Gate (incorporated lowpass filter, as well as vca gate component), LFO2 (double modulation source component), and A number of (dual passive signal splitter), plus a 12-pack of patch cable from leading Eurorack modular synthesizer device expert Nazca Audio. Additionally, Time Box Core makes up Patch Box-housed Analog Replicator and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Patch cable.

Also, Filter Box Complete makes modular filtering and also signal-crushing downsampling a versatile musical feel, thanks to a Patch Box-housed Filter, Lopass Gate, Crush, Multiple,Follow, and LFO2, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables. ‘Scaling down’ rather, Filter Box Core provides filter sweeps courtesy of an Patch Box-housed Filter, Comply with, as well as LFO2 components, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cords.

Phase Box Complete comes complete with a Patch Box enclosure preconfigured with a Phase Shifter (16-stage analog phase shifter component), Lopass Gate, LFO2, as well as Multiple, plus a 12-pack of Nazca patch cables. Phase Box Core makes huge fluid convenience truth with Patch Box- housed Phase Shifter as well as LFO2 components, plus a six-pack of Nazca patch cables.

A cooperation with Eau Claire, WI, USA-based handcrafted effects pedals and synth professional Dwarfcraft Devices, Dwarf Box Complete celebrates this companion company’s knowledge in sonic damage by partnering up their Big Distortion Sound Machine (parallel distortion module with two clearly different fuzz flavors) with Pittsburgh Modular’s Filter, Chain Reactor, and Tool kit components in a Patch Box enclosure, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cords. Coming full circle, those favoring a much more structured approach to a devastating color scheme might consider the Dwarf Box Core, consisting of Patch Box- housed Large Distortion Sound Equipment as well as LFO2 components, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

The Patch Box modular Eurorack performance pedal
Price $349.00 USD

Time Box Complete
Price $1,199.00 USD

Time Box Core
Price $779.00 USD

Filter Box Complete
Price $1,149.00 USD

Filter Box Core
Price $739.00 USD

Phase Box Complete
Price $1,029.00 USD

Phase Box Core
Price $799.00 USD

Dwarf Box Complete
Price $1,199.00 USD

Dwarf Box Core
Price $689.00 USD

Complete will be available in June 2015 and Core will be available May 2015

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