Orchestral Library Toolbox

orchestral Library Toolbox

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The team from the audio-workshop (Steinberg Certified Training Center specializing in music technology seminars and tutorials) just announced the availability of the Orchestral Library Toolbox. The Orchestral Library Toolbox is a collection of video tutorials to show how to work with orchestral instruments. Read more below.

Orchestral Library Toolbox is the very first video tutorial available globally to demonstrate detailed usage of orchestral virtual instruments suited to a selection of applications. Because of this, acclaimed audio-workshop tutors Achim Brochhausen– producer, composer and a classically-trained musician (whose expertise focuses on understanding orchestral songs using a computer system)– and also Holger Steinbrink– sound designer, music tech author and a media producer, (who has actually been creating songs with computer systems since the 1980s)– host over 11 hrs of tutorial videos, narrated and translated by English artist David Morley.

orchestral library toolbox

Furthermore, Orchestral Library Toolbox totals 59 numbered tutorial video clips covering a varied array of subjects covering the technical fundamentals of working with orchestral Libraries; advanced arrangements with obstinate, lyrical pattens; keyswitching usage; executing harmony in a selection of categories; string and also brass arrangements in pop, funk, soul, and also rock music; many suggestions and also methods for collaborating with orchestral virtual instruments; as well as much more. A lot better still, these are made a lot more workable by being broken down into 3 chapters– specifically, Hands on Working with Libraries, Basics, and Additional Material. PDF examples are included along with an Intro and also closing comments video.

orchestral library toolbox

The tutorial videos come as MP4 video files encoded with the H. 264 video codec and with a Complete HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 (2.1 megapixel). System specs are for the DVD-ROM are an Apple computer (with OS X 10.7 or newer and also a DVD drive) or Windows PC (with Windows 7 or more recent, Apple Quicktime or compatible video and a DVD drive). The tutorial videos are also compatible with Apple iPad and also other tablet computers.

Price €59.00

Buy here.

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