9th Wonder Treats

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The Drum Broker made the 9th Wonder kit available on Black Friday and now you can check out the behind the scenes video of 9th in the lab. You would be an idiot to pass up on this. For years I would see fake 9th Wonder kits on Ebay and those won’t come close to 9th Wonder Treats. People always ask what gear to get but never about what sounds to get. 9th Wonder Treats is a must have for any fan or drum thirsty producer who need more drums to satisfy their lust. You can never have enough sounds so please click link and grab this kit.

Why spend your loot on 9th Wonder Treats? If you love boom bap like I do then you need to grab this kit. I know some of you heard 9th’s beats and wonder where he got those drums from. Now you can have his drums in your sampler ready to make the next Boom Bap anthem. Don’t be on the fence. Get your paypal ready and click the link below to have some ill drum sounds. Don’t be left behind. I’m not sure how long this kit will be available so get it while the getting is good.

9th Wonder needs little introduction. Known as one of the most prolific boom bap producers // beatmakers in the music industry today, 9th Wonder has had one of the most sought after drum kits on the internet.

The Drum Broker teamed up with 9th Wonder to get the exclusive distribution rights to his personal drum stash. 9th’s Kit consists of 100 hand picked sounds (Kicks, Snares, Hats) & also includes an SP-1200 (12-Bit) version of the drum kit.

This joint is a must have for all 9th’s fans or any producer looking for some new drums for their arsenal.



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