Nyborg-24 is Out Now!


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Analogue Solutions announced that their new Nyborg-24 analog synth is available and ready to ship. If you’re on the lookout for a cool analog synth, check the Nyborg-24 out. Read more below.

KINGSWINFORD, UK: British ’boutique’ analog synthesizer and also device designer/manufacturer Analogue Solutions is proud to announce accessibility of Nyborg-24– a ‘Moog-style’ 4 Post 24dB/Octave LOW PASS FILTER- geared up standalone monophonic synth module with REAL ANALOG VOICE & MODULATION CIRCUITS that basically has the very same functions (and the same type factor) as its white-faced Nyborg-12 ‘Oberheim SEM-style’ 2 Post 12dB/Octave MULTIMODE FILTER-equipped brother or sister released to critical recognition earlier this year– since October 13 …


The appropriately-named Nyborg-24 not just looks unique to its appropriately-named Nyborg-12 synth sibling– thanks to their undoubtedly opposing front panel color layout, yet sounds different– thanks to sharing the same ‘Moog-style’ 4 Pole 24dB/Octave LOW PASS FILTER located in the company’s critically-acclaimed Leipzig-S analog monosynth/step sequencer (whereas the Nyborg-24 has the same ‘Oberheim SEM-style’ 2 Pole 12dB/Octave MULTIMODE FILTER found in the firm’s Telemark semi-modular analog monosynth). Furthermore, it is just what these form aspect- and also feature-sharing synths that makes them attract attention from the analog renaissance group, regularly swelling in numbers as it is. As they both happily state on their black (Nyborg-24) as well as white (Nyborg-12) tough steel/aluminium housings for all to see (as well as listen to): REAL ANALOGUE VOICE & MODULATION CIRCUITS

Price £499.00 GBP

Buy here.

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