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Ninja Jamm

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Ninja Tune just announced that Ninja Jamm is available for Android. If you’re a fan of Ninja Jamm and have a Android device, download Ninja Jamm now. Android does have a inherent latency built into OS and some functions don’t work exactly the same like the iOS version. Read more below.

LONDON, UK: Ninja Tune, a top shelf indie record label, is pleased to announce availability of Ninja Jamm, its free, user friendly, touch-manipulated, 4 channel sample-based music-making app developed by business founders and sample-based digital dancing music maestros Coldcut; available since August 12, the application represents an advanced mix of music as well as software on the Google Play digital distro system working as the main app shop for the Android operating system …

Following its preliminary iOS launch, the critically-acclaimed app has been downloaded from Apple’s App Store by over 300,000 users worldwide, triggering its cutting-edge developers to transform their attention to bringing Ninja Jamm to Android. Although boasting the largest mounted user base of all running systems as of 2015, it is commonly overlooked by audio developers … previously!

Ninja Jamm

Like its iOS arc competitor, Android makes use of touch inputs that represent real-world activities, such as swiping, touching, and also turning to manipulate onscreen items. Touching to mix and also mash songs clips in the clip matrix, scratching and triggering one-shot samples, shaking and also tilting to use radical FXs, and recording, Ninja Jamm permits instant sharing on social media. Artistically combining elements of DJ-ing, remixing, and also production, it is an open invitation for anybody to dive in as well as begin creating their own digital music– something long held near to Coldcut’s cumulative heart.

How does Ninja Jamm work, technically, after that? The road to ‘Ninja Jamming’ on Android was a lengthy as well as winding one: following Coldcut founder Matt Black’s Ableton Live/Novation Launchpad-based prototype, sound designer/software programmer/musician (and previous Abbey Roadway audio engineer) Christian Curtis developed a principle proof in MaxMSP, a visual coding language that aids users produce complex, interactive programs. Programmer Ed Kelly then decided to pick up the baton using Pure Data (PD), an visual coding language created for creating interactive computer music as well as multimedia works.

Price $Free Ninja Tune’s Ninja Jamm requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

Many genre-specific Samplepacks from Loopmasters and remix Tunepacks from Ninja Tune recording artists can also be purchased as in-app products, priced between £0.69 and £4.49 apiece.

Find out more here:

Google Play

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