Native instrument solid mix series

Native Instruments announced the Solid Mix Series sold individually or bundle version. Now you can use the plugins without Komplete 9. Native Instruments makes excellent plugins so adding these to your sound shaping tool collection will be a bonus. I’m always on the look out for sound shaping tools and this looks like it can do the job. I’m looking forward in trying this to see what’s inside. You get two compressors and an equalizer. The Solid Mix Series is available now so go out and cop now. Read below to see what they have to say.

The road to high-end sound just got shorter with the redesigned SOLID MIX SERIES. SOLID DYNAMICS, SOLID EQ, and SOLID BUS COMP now run as self-contained plug-ins, streamlining your access to pro-level effects. All three effects sport new, further-optimized user interfaces but the sound remains the same: Platinum sound with a pro-studio shine.

Precise, transparent sound, a sleek and clean new interface, and stunning additions such as side-chaining and parallel compression make this a supercharged studio effects suite for all producers. Now running as stand-alone plug-ins in your DAW, the SOLID MIX SERIES gives you complete control over the entire signal chain.

Individually, these effects provide powerful, easy-to-apply enhancements. Together, they form a cohesive toolset for shaping and ‘exciting’ your sound.

SOLID EQ: Two models in one, with switchable curve shapes. A precise 6-band equalizer for all kinds of jobs, from subtle shading to aggressive shaping.

SOLID DYNAMICS: A clean, musical dynamics section, combining a stereo compressor, expander and gate in one single effects unit. Works best on single channels.

SOLID BUS COMP: More than a bus compressor. Use it on anything – single channels, subgroups, master channel – for consistently rewarding results.

Price $99 for each effect or $199 for Solid Mix Series.

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