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Spitfire Audio does it again with another sample pack called MURAL – SYMPHONIC STRINGS VOL. 3. If you looking for cool orchestra sounds for KONTAKT, try out MURAL – SYMPHONIC STRINGS VOL. 3. Read more below.

LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio, the providers of the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples on the planet, is happy to reveal accessibility of BML310 MURAL – SYMPHONIC STRINGS VOL. 3– the 3rd instalment in its prize-winning variety of evocatively-named symphonic strings virtual tool modules for its BML (British Modular Library), a on going project to create the greatest-sounding, heavily-sampled, and also, inevitably, future-proofed living orchestral virtual instruments compilation for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT system, based upon ultra-detailed, next-generation recordings of the globe’s finest musicians at Greater london’s famous AIR Studios– since September 10 …


A regular meaning of the word mural may read something along the lines of: a paint or various other masterpiece performed directly on a wall surface. By their very nature, murals are usually huge. BML310 MURAL – SYMPHONIC STRINGS VOL. 3

“… is sixty players, so the area dimensions are sixteen first violins, fourteen seconds, twelve violas, ten celli, as well as eight basses, taped in Lyndhurst Hall, as are all our BML array,”

reveals Spitfire Audio Director Paul Thomson– also an energetic movie author himself– through a quick introduction before delving deeper:

“These methods in VOL. 3 are just what we are terming ‘Progressive Techniques’– a grab-bag of things that have been recorded in the past, however likewise some stuff that we have actually never taped prior to. This consists of some things like divisi [showing that an area of players should be divided into two or more teams playing a various part]– by the desk, so half of the players playing normale, and also half of the players playing con sord [with using a mute] That is an incredible sound– something that is used rather a whole lot in movie ratings, yet has not been tested prior to. We have actually got basses playing both pizz [pizzicato– tweezing the strings with a hands] and a cleaned spiccato [bouncing the bow on the strings] with each other– once again, divided by the desk, which is a wonderful kind of warm, round, bass-y bottom end. And also we’ve got our super sul tasto [bowing specific regions of the string], playing up until now up the neck that the notes disappear– that was the brief! It’s an actually astonishing sound– really, really lovely.”

Price £399.00
works with KONTAKT.

Buy here.

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