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MSXII Synth Immaculate

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M Simp and Matt Slack are introducing the world to Synth Immaculate. The guys wasted no time releasing Synth Immaculate and I still need to review Bar, Keys and Anomalies. MSXII team work faster than me plus they put out quality material. The synths they used for this kit are vintage monsters. I actually wished I had some of those instruments in the lab.

If you looking for some new sounds to add to your production, don’t waste time reading this and download kit NOW! Make your life easy for once and download Synth Immaculate. If you get stuck for melodies load these samples up for inspiration. Read more below from The Drumbroker.

MSXII Sound Design is at it again! The Drum Broker & MSXII (Powered by present: The Synth Immaculate. The Synth Immaculate boasts a colorful array of hand selected sounds by the MSXII. Locked iroom full of instruments such as the Korg Sigma, Polymoog, Sequential Circuit Prophet 5, Arpaxxe, and more, there were only 2hrs to sample and grab as much audio from these timeless machines! The result is an all exclusive peek into some unique, creative, and downright DISRESPECTFUL sounds! Furthermore, gritty synths, incredibly low subs, and beautifully sprinkled arpeggios dominate this kit!

The kit features:

• 48k/24bit hand-selected sounds from vintage keyboards [Korg Sigma, Arp Axxe, Polymoog, Octave Cat + more]
• No added compression, limiting, or coloring of sound to preserve original state
• Royalty free patches organized by instrument
• Bonus unheard breaks and fills from MSXII Sound Design
• Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Logic X, ProTools, FLStudio,Propellerheads Reason, etc.
• Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Maschine, etc.

The medley should give you an idea of where it can go! All synthesizer sounds are exact sounds from The Synth Immaculate. Jammeth!

Price $24.99

Grab Synth Immaculate Now!

Also Check out M Simp of MSXII Interview. Part 1 and Part 2

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